3D Bijiri Beautiful Butt

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The 3D Bijiri Beautiful Butt - available in 3 different versions

This transparent blow-up bum is designed to enhance your onahole experience. Simply insert any masturbator (masturbator not included). 
The room for the insert is 160 mm deep x 60 mm diameter.

3D Bijiri Beautiful Butt

This luscious Japanese butt can be easily blown up, and deflated. It takes up less space than an entire doll. And with the artificial pussy inserted, you are bound to have a good time!

Horizontal or vertical

You can try out various positions, but this butt is perfect to go doggie style. The 3D Bijiri Beautiful Butt has two suction cups on the top. 
Use them to attach the butt to any smooth surface.

3D Bijiri Beautiful Butt packages

For example, you can stick it to a window, or a smooth wall. But it can also be attached to a bathroom wall, and of course to a table, desk, or any smooth surface.
Secure the bum with the other two suction cups on the poster, and the four cups in total keep your Beautiful Butt firmly in place.

3 different 3D Bijiri Beautiful Butts

Each type of Beautiful Butt comes with a full-colour poster. The poster is plastic-coated, so it can be rinsed off easily.
The sizes of the three different types are almost the same; the accompanying poster and the packaging are different.

Pomp up 3D Bijiri Beautiful Butt
Poster dimensions: 42 x 86 cm (16.5 x 33 inch)
Weight: 490 g
Material: TPE

The three different models are shown below.

3D Bijiri Beautiful Butt Yuina

This cute schoolgirl is barely 18 years old. Her big wide eyes cannot hide her horny feelings - she can't wait for you to take her from behind!
 3D Bijiri Yuina

3D Bijiri Beautiful Butt Konomi

This 21-year-old woman is an athletic dancer. Check her luscious shape below.
3D Bijiri Konomi

3D Bijiri Beautiful Butt Maasa

Maasa is the most mature in the series. This 27-year-old woman has a full, firm ass, and she wants to be pounded... hard!

3D Bijiri Maasa

The artificial vagina pictured is not included.
Select your favourite 3D Bijiri Beautiful Butt on top of this page.

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