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A Taciturn Girl 

Another beautiful onahole by Toy’s Heart! Like all of this company’s products, the Taciturn Girl features nice packaging with high-quality artwork. The girl on the box looks somewhat shy and demure, and that’s the theme of this onahole. This girl might not be the most overtly sexual, but once she experiences how good sex can be she will want it all the time!


This onahole is made to give a realistically tight feeling, and the internal structures are highly detailed. The gently curving tunnel starts off with a room full of massaging nubs. On one side of the tunnel is a bump with some ridges. If you turn this onahole the right way round this bump will rub against your most sensitive areas and drive you crazy. After this, the tunnel gets slightly narrower, and here is a room with another two of the textured bumps! The tunnel so far is already enough to bring most men to a climax, but if you want more you can push through the narrow entrance of the uterus and into the “end chamber”. The chamber itself isn’t textured, but the feeling of the tight entrance of the uterus rubbing over your corona more than makes up for that.

The cut-through of the Taciturn Girl looks almost menacing, with its sharp detail and deep grooves. However, thanks to the flexible Virgin Skin material used, it isn’t as intense as it might look.


Who doesn’t want a girl with a vacuum? No, we aren’t talking about housework (though if an onahole offers to clean for us, who are we to refuse?) but about this onahole’s nice vacuum chamber. Any onahole without a hole in the back is able to provide a vacuum, but a special vacuum room much improves it. Before penetrating the Taciturn Girl, squeeze the air out of the end chamber and you will feel the onahole sucking you in.

Virgin Skin material

The specially developed Virgin Skin material by Toy’sHeart feels incredibly soft to the touch. It is quite flexible and will stretch to accommodate all sizes and spring right back to its original form. On top of that it barely has any smell and is very easy to clean - one of the best onahole materials currently on the market!


Even the best onahole material needs to be taken good care of, however! Luckily that’s very easy with the Taciturn Girl. After use, rinse it thoroughly under the tap until it’s clean. Then squeeze out as much water as possible and push an absorbent cloth inside using the back of a pencil. Leave the fabric in there for a couple of minutes to absorb the last bits of water and you’re done!

The Taciturn Girl is a great onahole by Toy’s Heart, with a gently stimulating tunnel and great textures. Turning it to make the ribbed bumps rub over different part of your penis allows you to change up the sensation and make it more or less intense. Definitely an onahole to try!


Total length: 12 cm
Total width: 7 cm
Tunnel length: 11 cm
Total weight: 225 gr
Material: TPE
Made in Japan by Toy’s Heart

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