Alchemist's Atelier Onahole


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Alchemist’s Atelier

ToysHeart has truly outdone itself with this luxury onahole: everything from the packaging design to the unique lotion and of course the onahole itself has been lovingly hand-crafted around the theme of a sexy Alchemist.

Alchemist’s Atelier Onahole Packaging

The illustration on the box alone is enough to conjure up a fantasy or two: a beautiful, clever-looking girl sits on the floor of her laboratory, experimenting with different elixirs and concoctions. She’s taken notes, she’s done her research, and finally she’s made something that should work perfectly for her needs… And all she lacks is someone to test it with. Will you assist her?

The rest of the packaging has been equally thoughtfully designed, the alchemical diagrams and sketches fitting in beautifully with the theme. There is a plastic inset to hold your onahole safely, which means you can keep using this box to store it in, if you want.

A special concoction: Rosemary lubricant

To represent the alchemist’s potion, ToysHeart has included a 120ml bottle of water-based lubricant. Made with rosemary extract, this thick lubricant has a delicious herbal smell which will stimulate your senses and get the blood flowing. Smell is one of the most overlooked senses we have, but the right or wrong smell can have a huge effect on us - and it’s linked strongly to memory. After you’ve used this lubricant to masturbate a couple of times, the smell alone might be enough to make you hard. This is because you’ve come to associate it with this deliciously stimulating onahole.

The onahole itself

The Alchemist’s Atelier Onahole weighs 330 grams and has a streamlined design, with a simplified slit on the front which will guide you into the entrance.

The inside has several very distinct textures. While there is something to say for the small, intricate textures some onaholes use there’s something irresistible about onaholes where you can actually make out the different areas. Directly after the opening there is a wide, flat area, which doesn’t do much for stimulation but helps re-lubricate you with every stroke. After that, the actual tunnel starts: After a tight gate there’s an area with four large pleasure bumps, each covered in small ridges for extra grip. Then the Alchemist’s Atelier Meiki tightens a little again, turning into a narrow path lined with yet more small ridges. A final gate awaits you: several distinct bumps are placed in a tight circle, and pushing through will allow you entrance into the final chamber. Here a swirl of folds will gently massage the sensitive top of your dick.

The Alchemist’s Atelier Onahole Summary

This onahole has a very strong theme going on, but it doesn’t lean on that too heavily: even if it was packaged in a blank box we would still recommend this to you. The tunnel structure with its several distinct areas, combined with the unique rosemary lubricant will give you an unforgettable experience.

The Alchemist’s Atelier Onahole Specs

Onahole length: 15 cms
Tunnel length: 13.5 cms
Weight: 330 grams
Includes 120 ml bottle of water-based scented lubricant
Brand: ToysHeart

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