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Aneros Helix Classic

Aneros' Helix is a prostate massager for starters. The Aneros product line consists of various models that are fairly similar. The Helix Classic and the newer Helix Syn are comparable, although the Helix Syn is an improved version that is a bit more expensive.

Here we focus on the Helix Syn, which is excellent for starters. It is attractively priced, so it's a great model if you want to try something new. And its shape makes it perfect for the novice in the area of prostate massages.

The Helix in Detail

Aneros Helix Classic

1. The thicker upper section ensures that you will clearly feel the Helix Classic on the prostrate.

2. As shown in the picture, the underside of this prostate massager is very slim. As a result, it won't unnecessarily stretch your sphincter after it is inserted. This prevents you from experiencing any burning sensations or uncomfortable distractions while you're using it.

3. The section at the very bottom is even thinner. Your sphincter will fit right around it and keep the Helix in place

4. The tentacle at the front that ends in a ball is the so-called perineum massager of the Helix.
The perineum is the sensitive spot between the scrotum and the anus that is connected to the prostate. In this way, the prostate is stimulated from the inside and from the outside.

5. The grip at the bottom can be used to regulate the pressure and stimulate the prostate in a rhythm that you enjoy most.

The Helix is the #1 selling prostate toy of the Aneros range.
Because of its angle, the prostate is massaged in exactly the right spot, while you can apply the right pressure. And thanks to its clever design you can even use it without holding it with your hand.

Aneros Helix Classic Product Details

With of the head 2.7 cm
With at midway point: 2.4 cm
Distance handle-perineum: 4.4 cm
Length that can be inserted: 10.2 cm

We recommend using a water-based lubricant in combination with the Helix Classic.

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