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Aneros Progasm Ice

At first glance, you might think the Aneros Progasm Ice is made out of glass - as suggested by its name. However, this is not the case.
The Progasm Ice is made out of medical grade (FDA approved) plastic. This material is often used these days as a replacement for glass. It has the benefit of being unbreakable, while retaining the smooth properties of glass.
This prostate massager therefore, is not flexible.

For Experienced Prostate Masseurs

The Progasm is the largest model in the Aneros product line. This makes it best suitable for men that are experienced with prostate massage.
Despite the size, the Progasm Ice is easy to insert, thanks to its smooth and seamless design.
The front of this toy has a tentacle that ends in a tiny ball. This is the perineum massager. The perineum is that sensitive spot between the scrotum and the anus.

You can use the other tentacle as a handle; it can be used to regulate the pressure you wish to apply, and to create that masturbation rhythm that you enjoy the most.

Use it for Masturbation or during Sex Play

The Progasm Ice can be used for a solitary masturbation session, but it can also be an aid during a good romp with your partner. It will not slip out, and the combination of massaging the perineum and the prostate is guaranteed to give you an incredibly deep and intense climax.

Aneros is a brand with a reputation in the area of prostate massage, and the Progasm is definitely worthy of its name. If you are new to prostate massage, or a bit intimidated by the size of this toy, please check out the smaller massagers in the Aneros product range, for example the Helix Syn.

The special material that feels likes glass makes it very easy to clean this prostate dildo.
Make sure that you use sufficient lubricant when using prostate toys. We recommend using a water-based lube.

Aneros Progasm Ice Product Details

With of the head 3.2 cm
With at midway point: 3.3 cm
Distance handle-perineum: 3.9 cm
Length that can be inserted: 11.4 cm

Additional Information

Number of holesNo
Number of layersNo
Bone structureNo
Tunnel length0mm
Product weight0gram