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Description / Blue Frame - Uminari

Uminari Battleship masturbator (soft)

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself… what is this model battleship doing on my favourite onahole shop’s website ?
This is by far the most outstanding box we have even seen for an masturbation product. When we saw the Uminari Battleships in an Japanse store, we knew we needed to have them in Europe! 

Inside the box you will find the Blue Frame Uminari masturbator, this is the soft version from this special masturbator. If you want to have an even softer sensation, you should go for hte AirShip in stead of this Battleship. 

Yawaraka Sozai ( Soft material )

Blue Frame is the first product from Yawaraka Sozai, a new player in the onahole market. But while the company is new, the founders are not new to masturbation. They are former Tenga employees, so they know how to make awesome masturbators! Tenga is one of the most reliable and innovative onahole producers in the world, consistently making amazing products.  Yawaraka Sozai is continuing on this path, making an onahole unlike anything we've seen before.

Yawaraka Sozai is Japanese for “Soft Material”. And who doesn’t love soft material touching their penis ? The Blue Frame Uminari is made of the H-Type material. This is produced in different mixes, ranging from very firm (0) to very soft (100). The Uminari battleship is an incredibly soft toy, with material softness level 88 on the outside and level 95 on the inside. This material feels soft but is still tight!

But the problem with soft masturbators is although they feel great… they don’t stimulate enough!

So Yawaraka Sozai came up with a solution:

Blue Frame Uminari Endoskeleton3+1 endoskeleton

In addition to the 2-layers of material (inside and outside) they added an plastic endoskeleton made out of 4 parts.

The three big parts wrapping around the middle have ribs will will stimulate you through the softer material. By squeezing it you can intensify the stimulation.

The last part of the endoskeleton sits at the end of the tunnel and massages the glans and especially the frenulum when you push through. An unique sensation for this masturbator!

Because the endoskeleton created a sturdy structure the product has a nice vacuum.

Cleaning the Uminari Battleship

Since you can’t turn the Blue Frame masturbator inside out, there is a cleaning tool included. With this tool you can scrape out lubricant and fluids.

After scraping the Uminari Battleship out you can flush it with lukewarm water and a neutral detergent. After flushing it out, dry it with a towel inside and out. It’s important that the product is completely dry before storing it.

Optionally you can use maintenance powder to help the drying process and help the material stay in shape.

High quality packaging

The packaging for this onahole is incredibly secure. The onahole, cleaning rod and small bottle of lube all fit perfectly inside their own slot in a double-sided plastic blister which snaps shut. This type of packaging will not only keep your onahole safe during transport, but will also be a convenient way to keep storing it. 

Two types of stimulation - at the same time! 

Thanks to the Uminari's unique construction you will experience two kinds of stimulation at once. Firstly you have the gentle rubbing stimulation of the textured TPE as you know it, but in addition to that you also feel the ribs and bumps from the endoskeleton pushing through that, giving a stimulation that is strong and unyielding, but not harsh. 

The Blue Frame comes in 2 types, the soft Uminari (Battleship) and the ultrasoft (Airship) Amagake. In addition to the softness of the material, both types have a different tunnel design.

Below you see a render of the tunnel and types of material that are used for the Unimari Battleship:

As you can see, the Uminari's tunnel starts with a wider area with small chambers on the side. These act as lube reservoirs, keeping the lube from leaking out and reapplying it with every stroke. After this the real fun starts! The tunnel begins with some wide ridges that will glide over your shaft. When you squeeze the onahole the base of your shaft will be massaged by two large bumps from the top, and one from the bottom. The next part of the tunnelis lined with small, flexible nubs, followed by deep ridges. The endoskeleton here has narrow ribs which give a very interesting sensation, which can be more or less intense depending on how hard you squeeze. At the end the Uminari's tunnel tightens briefly, and then opens up into a wider chamber again, where the soft material gently stimulates the head of your cock. A large nub will glide over the very tip of your penis, and the endoskeleton can add to this with a couple more bumps: one on the bottom, two on the top, and another one at the front. 

This type of double stimulation feels amazing, and it's definitely something you need to try!  


Weight: 330g
Length: 16cm
25 ml Lubricant included
Cleaning tool included
Made in Japan

Cleaning tool and 25ml of concentrated lubericant are included.
The Uminari Battleship is very stimulating masturbator, that comes in a extreme orignal box. Perfect as a gift, without getting an akward face :).

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rough battleship
Review by ayisme
Fighting with this battleship can leave some wounds :O. The packaging itself looks amazing, it looks like it's a construction kit. You could even display it and fool everyone. But let's get inside the box. You will find your ona safely stored in a hard plastic case alongside a cleaning stick and small bottle of lube. The cleaning stick is a nice edition, but more on cleaning later. The lube is alright and should be enough for some cruises. The ona itself is see through so you have a nice view of your member will enjoying yourself. The feeling is very special due to all the different sections, but the main attraction is of course the blue skeleton. It pinches your member from all sides and when you reach the end you even have a bump to hit, very nice. To summarize the feeling: It's very stimulating and can even be more enhanced by squeezing the ona. I personally like this strong stimulation, but what I don't like is the cleaning of the Uminari. Even though you have a cleaning stick provided, it "fails" it's purpose. To put it simply it helps, but getting it dry and ready for storage is impossible without forcing some kind of towl inside. That's where the skeleton becomes a problem. During drying with a towel the skeleton will be pushed around quite a bit and damage the insides. That's why I have to subtract a star. So you might wanna try out some special cleaning sticks, I know now that I should have done so. Sidenote: Lube it up good or you might end up with a wounded dick :(. The motsu service was great as always and it was shipped within a day.

Tl;dr Strong and different experience but the real battle is the cleaning
Review helpful?
A gimmick, but nothing more
Review by Jay
Was interested int the design - inline plastic. Well, it wasn't all that great. not only is it too much pressure for my taste (my fault, as this is the "hard version"), the lower endoskeleton piece even tore through the "Softness lv95 material". That damage was done only after a few uses. While the packaging is indeed of premium quality, the product itself is - in my opinion - not.
Review helpful?

More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 330.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Neutral
Tunnel length 120.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2 layers
Bone structure With bone structure
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