Campus Life: Athlete Type

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Campus Life: Athlete Type

Campus Life: Athlete Type is tight, and provides extreme stimulation, you can feel the ribs very well. We have tried many different artificial vaginas, and with a lot of models, we've noticed unobtrusive ribs, that were difficult to experience. Campus Life: Athlete Type really is very different. You feel the 3D surface of this fake pussy very well. The ribs aren't that soft that you just glide over them without noticing. This can be a problem with other onaholes, especially once you've applied some lubricant. On the other hand, the ribs are not so hard that they don't bend along with your movements a little. It is the perfect balance which results in extreme stimulation. Especially when you pull out, you experience the ribs very well.

Toysheart has called this material FreshSkin, it is relatively new, and only a few products made out of this material have been released.
It is extremely flexible and durable, that is clear to us. FreshSkin is odourless, soft and smooth. As all of Toysheart's products, Athlete Type has been designed and manufactured in Japan out of guaranteed premium material.

It takes one drop...

Gone are the days that you had to use half a bottle of lube to enjoy your artificial vagina. Toysheart's FreshSkin material is a huge step forward.
We were doubtful of their claim that lubricant inside onaholes made from FreshSkin does not dry out. However, they were right - it only takes one drop.

Fantastic! You don't need to add extra lube while you're having fun with your little cuddly toy. Because you only need a little bit anyway, you can experience the tunnel and its structure much better.
And of course there is a financial advantage - not that you needed that with this very economical onahole!
We're curious to see whether we'll attract a new type of customer, that can afford this artificial vagina from their weekly allowance! Especially once you've felt how good and strong this material is, it is difficult to understand its modest pricing.

After usage and cleaning, FreshSkin will dry quickly. This material does not require the use of cornstarch or any other powder for maintenance. Campus Life: Athlete Type does not get sticky, it dries quickly and returns easily to its original gorgeous state.

Who is your type?

The Campus Life Series consists of two models: Athlete Type and Tidy Type.
Athlete Type is the active sports girl. She feels a little tighter and provides more stimulation than Tidy Type.
Athlete Type is also a little more tan, probably from all the outdoors exercise. Tidy Type has a more pinkish hue.

The two types are shown below.

Campus Life onaholes toysheart

Campus Life: Athlete Type - Tunnel Structure

Campus Life: Athlete Type's structure is tight and firm. From the moment you penetrate this girl, the ribs at her entrance start stimulating your dick.

The tunnel has two narrowings, and is whirled on the inside - creating indescribable sensations! The ribs at the end massage the tip of your penis very well, and are guaranteed to give you a great climax.

While this onahole is made out of soft and smooth material, the firmness of the structure of the tunnel ensures that you can experience it very well.
She's really tight. In fact, she is probably too tight for those men that are well endowed. Yet, it's an excellent choice if you want to enjoy a good hard rogering session.
This onahole performs above all expectations in its price segment.


A slight disadvantage is that this masturbator sometimes seems to make a 'slurping sound'. The amount of noise depends on how much air you squeeze out of this pussy before you penetrate. Upon penetration, you can feel the air push out, which is a result of the tight fit. It's simply a bit different than you're used to from other onaholes.


Cleaning Athlete Type is simple, and won't take more than a few minutes. The material dries very quickly, and this artificial pussy will not get sticky. A simple shake will as good as dry the exterior.
The interior can be dried by inserting a thin dry cloth. Because of the flexibility of the material, this won't be a problem.

Campus Life: Athlete Type - Product Features

Total length: 165 mm
Tunnel length: 140 mm
The drawing on the packaging was created by the famous manga/hentai artist Kazuaki Saida.
Lubricant sample included
FreshSkin Material
Designed and manufactured in Japan

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