Campus Life Job Hunting Type

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Campus Life Job Hunting Girl

‘Campus Life Job Hunting Girl Type’ is the third in the Campus Life series. This Campus onahole is also made of Fresh Skin.

This onahole feels like a young student with a soft skin, this material is so soft, so smooth that you have to try it.

The image on the box is a girl that is a bit older than most of the other students in her school. She is more mature and willing to do anything for a job... Job Hunting type...
Thus far the story behind the manga image on this onahole, let’s go back to the material:

Toysheart’s Fresh Skin

This material is stretchable and has no scent! You need very little lubricant and the lubricant does not dry up with the use of the Fresh Skin material.

Besides that, this material totally doesn’t stick and it is also durable. It is not as stretchable and soft as the Virgin Skin material from Toysheart and due to the good structure in the tunnel gives this onahole a good stimulation.

The outside of this Campus Life series looks the same as the other onaholes from this series.

The inside of the Campus Life Job Hunting Girl Type

The inside is different, this Job Hunter has a ‘swirling tunnel’ according to the manufacturer. The tunnel indeed has those ridges that go in a swirl, but you don’t feel too much of that.
What you do feel are the ORBS in the tunnel, these little orbs are glued in the tunnel and stimulate you exactly where you want it. The orbs are also for sale separately. These nubs make the tunnel very special and stimulating.

Campus Live Job Hunting Girl

At the end of the tunnel there is a vacuum chamber. If you take a good look at the cross section you see that the end chamber also has very small ridges on the upper and under side, you don’t feel too much of those ridges, but this vacuum chamber does provide a good vacuum.


Cleaning the de Campus Life Job Hunting Girl Type is childishly simple. Due to the Fresh Skin material that is almost completely oil free, cleaning the onahole becomes a piece of cake.

Rinse out, brush off and after 5 minutes she is completely dry.

The Campus Life Job Hunting Girl Type Onahole Features:

- Total length: 165 mm
- Most inner hole length: 145 mm
- Maximum width: 70mm
- Weight: 275g
- Fresh Skin
- Materials: Fresh Skin
- Good vacuum
- Made in Japan

Additional Information

Number of holes1
Number of layers1
ReusableIs reusable
Bone structureNo
Tunnel length145mm
Product weight275gram
  1. Brutal stimulation Review by OrangeJuice

    The stimulation is great for me. Mine is two months old now and still in good shape / without any visible damage. With fast movements it can be a bit noisy. You will love it if you like to bully your member, because these job seeking walls do not want to work with you. (Posted on 7/18/2018)

  2. better than its predecessors, but still not perfect Review by Fabian

    The Campus Life working type Onahole is the latest entry in the Campus life product Line.

    They apparently recognised problems with the older two onaholes (tidy type, athlete type) especially that the entrance that teared quite easily.

    They improve this flaw by making the entrance a lot stronger (thicker material layer).
    In comparison to the older products, it is also overall larger, especially in length.

    The inner structure is even better than the tidy type, the onahole twists and turns with spherical bumps inside. It feels really nice.
    The entrance is still a problem tough, it doesn't tear even after several uses... but the reinforced entrance is really hard to penetrate when not fully erect.
    Even when hard as diamonds it is a problem to enter and not miss the entrance.
    Inside the entrance strangles you.

    The rest of the inside structures are also tight, but not as much as the other two Campus Life Onaholes. (Posted on 3/19/2017)