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The Campus Life: Tidy Type is less tight than Campus Life: Athlete Type. This makes it the perfect onahole for those that are new to fake pussies.


These youthful masturbators feel soft and smooth to the touch. They are made with FreshSkin material, developed by Toysheart.

If you are unfamiliar with FreshSkin, here follows a short summary.
It is a new type of material, that has only been used for a few Toysheart products. It is very stretchable, and 100% odourless. 
You only need very little lube, since it hardly dries out when you use lubricant with FreshSkin material. 
It feels great to the skin, very smooth, while it does provide friction. The sensations are almost impossible to describe, you really have to try this for yourself.

FreshSkin material is not sticky at all; something that is evident from the moment you open the box. It is wrapped in a clear and clean plastic bag, without a trace of oil!
Especially when compared to other onahole materials, cleaning this material is extremely easy. 
Give it a shake after rinsing, and it is completely dry after 5 minutes. You can also do without corn starch, or any maintenance powder to prevent sticking.

The front and exterior of Tidy Type are identical to those of Athlete Type.
The labia are large and pronounced, and you can feel them push back against your body when you penetrate the Campus Life pussies deeply.

The difference is in the interior

While the tunnels of both types are quite narrow, Tidy Type provides a lot less stimulation. 
That makes it the perfect onahole for those of us that come relatively quick. If you prefer more stimulation, the Athlete Type is for you.

Campus Life Tidy Type Toysheart

But we all know that variation is the spice of life, and with these prices, nothing should hold you back from ordering both types! For the pricing of these artificial vaginas is truly great, and the material and experiences you receive in return, are truly one-of-a-kind! 

Campus Life: Tidy Type - Product Features

Total length: 165 mm
Tunnel length: 140 mm
FreshSkin material
Mild stimulation
Designed and manufactured in Japan

Additional Information

  1. Cheap onahole with some problems Review by Tama

    Service: Nothing to complain about

    Product Package:
    Looks nice, no loli image and big tatas are nice for a change.
    The inside is rather plain.

    The texture of the onahole feels nice. A straightforward onahole.
    The Material is subpar to the Virgin Skin material and the Fine Cross Material. Feels a bit cheap in comparision.
    This would be a good onahole IF the entrance wasn't that tight. The entrance is just too small, any average user will tear it after the first few uses. When ist tears any vacuum capability is gone.

    It still feels awesome but after using and washing it when it has a tear, the fear of damaging it further just by washing it just sucks.

    3 stars objectively rated
    one star extra because I really dig the inner structure and the theme they were going for.
    (Posted on 3/19/2017)

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