Cherry 2.5 Hip Masturbator

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Are you ready for the next leven in masturbation ? Well, let’s check out the Cherry 2.5…

The Cherry 2.5 Hip Masturbator from KOKOS has been a best-seller for years. The product came to life as Cherry, the Cherry 2.5 followed and now there is the Cherry 2.5 with a new tunnel design.

The Cherry thanks it popularity partly too it’s exciting exterior shapes. This Hip Masturbator looks realistic and inviting. Details such as the navel and dents in the back are a pleasure for the eye. The vagina and anus look inviting as well.

Cherry Hip Masturbator

Cherry 2.5 Hip Masturbator - tunnels

At least as much attention has been paid to the inside. The Cherry 2.5 has a vaginal tunnel which is covered with nubs. The tunnel itself is shaped with with curves for extra stimulation of the penis. The anal tunnel is very realistic as well, covered with nubs and the typical twists. Surely the anal tunnel is an improvement over the previous Cherry.

Due to the closed design of the tunnels they will have a vacuum / sucking sensation during use. This sucking sensation is not as extreme as with smaller onaholes, but enough to keep your penis hard.

Cherry Hip Masturbator tunnels

Cherry 2.5 Hip Masturbator - Material

The material of the Cherry Hip Masturbator is Soft Realskin Sillicon from KOKOS. The material has enough strength to form this beautiful product, yet it feels soft and realistic.

The material is 100% safe and has been tested for the absence of plasticisers and other dangerous chemicals. The smell of the Cherry is very mild. While it may smell a bit after opening the box, this will disappear after a few weeks.

Cherry Hip Masturbator Dimensions

The Cherry 2.5 Hip Masturbator weighs 2.9 kg, which in combination with the width of 22 cm and height of 15 cm makes this product usable in many different positions. For example, you can lay the Cherry down and use it, or grab it by the waist and take it from behind.

The Cherry 2.5 combines exciting shapes, stimulating tunnels, A-quality material, ideal size and weight with a super attractive price tag! It’s no surprise that this product has been a bestseller for years.

(*Optional) Cherry AUTO Edition

In addition to the standard Cherry 2.5, there is also an AUTO Edition. With the AUTO there are 2 massagers supplied with the product that can be inserted through holes on the top of the Cherry 2.5AUTO Edition.

Cherry AUTO

NOTE: The image shows 3 beads but in reality, the Cherry becomes 2. AUTO Edition delivered with massagers with 2 beads:

The disadvantage of the AUTO Edition is that there are holes in the product, which can shorten the life of the product. In addition, the quality of the massagers is not very high and consumes many batteries (which are not included).

Although it is a nice addition, customers report that they usually use the product without the massagers.

Cherry 2.5 Hip Masturbator Specifications

Weight: 2.9 kg
Height: 15cm
Width: 22cm
Thickness: 14cm
Color: Beige
Material: KOKOS Soft Realskin Silicon

Additional Information

  1. amazing Review by shokugeki

    an awesome hip onahole , that actually feels very similar to the real deal even though the hip material feels really firm . (Posted on 3/29/2019)

  2. Overall satisfying Review by Nathan

    The weight, texture and shape of this hip ensures a very realistic feeling.
    The material feels very durable, however its made of TPR (as stated on the packaging) and NOT silicone (as stated in the description)! So you have to pay attention not to use any oil based lubricants, they will dissolve the TPR.
    The tunnels are also very, very tight, which can cause some trouble during penetration when your member is not fully erect.
    Even if this is a TPR toy, I would definetly recommend it because of the high quality and feel. (Posted on 7/29/2018)

  3. One of the best Review by Aceiki

    This hip is amazing in terms of durability feeling and price. The weight and tightness you get from it feels incredible. As for which to get the auto or manual i would recommend getting the manual as it will be more durable and you will not last long inside it anyway since it feels so good. So if you are thinking of trying out a hip this is a perfect choice. (Posted on 7/4/2018)

  4. Grab it Review by Martin

    The Cherry 2.5 is a masterpiece just looking at it. The smooth stomach with a belly button, those delicious hips that are great for grabbing, that well defined ass that's just begging to be spanked a little... Most photos don't do it justice.
    The material is firm but soft to the touch and mine arrived in a beautiful color closely resembling lightly tanned skin. Shipped in only 2 days.
    When it comes to penetration the vagina is the big highlight here. It retains lube well and after a few minutes with a warmer it's ready. Getting inside can be tricky at first since there's not much to guide it in, but then again rubbing against it only makes me harder.
    This is when I really started to notice the weight and size of this thing. I can barely hold it up with one hand and the sensation of it wanting to glide back down on its own due to gravity is amazing. It's well balanced and hefty enough that I can use it in almost any position.
    The texture inside has some great realism with just a tiny bit of added stimulation to keep things interesting during a longer session. It builds that quivering sensation that normally only comes when fucking a real girl or when I'm ridiculously horny. The firmness means I can actually feel the inside walls press back as I pulse and feel it filling up with my cum.

    If you're even slightly curious and don't mind spending just a little more to get a whole hip then I urge you to grab it. (Posted on 10/28/2017)

  5. Materiaali liian kova ja tunnelit liian tiukat. Review by Jokke Finland

    Muotoilu on hyvä ja koko/paino :parantaisin tuotteen materiaalia hieman pehmeämmäksi. (Posted on 11/24/2016)

  6. AMAZING Review by Cr4zyDuck

    A very good price for such an awesome onahip. Good weight, amazing inner structure, the sensation on the outside feels so soft to the touch and the auto version is definitively mind blowing.

    Trust me, you won't regret your purchase, this thing is going to get the very last drop of semen out of you. (Posted on 6/8/2016)

  7. One of my favorites Review by Cherrylover

    I wanted to buy the Meiki Evolution, but I think that one is overprized.
    This is my second Meiki Cherry, I bought one 3 years ago.
    For this price, I would not think twice.
    Good webshop! The email that I sended to them, was answered in a couple of hours. (Posted on 1/24/2016)

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