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Fairy Chin Buru:

The Chin Buru is the perfect attachment for men using the Fairy. The entrance is narrow, yet flexible. This lets you experience the strongest vibrations ever, along with enjoying the onahole's structure. The back is narrower, and has a square shape.
If you penetrate the Chin Buru from the front and push your penis all the way inside, its tip will be enveloped by the square backside of the masturbator.
You can also try using it the other way around. The root of your penis will be embraced tightly, which will give you a harder erection.

Powerful vibrations:

Just entering the Chin Buru halfway is enough to reach a magnificent climax. The Fairy is so powerful that some people find the most intense setting actually painful. The small wheel on the Fairy lets you set the intensity very precisely. 
If you turn the wheel for about a quarter, the Chin Buru produces the most powerful vibrations. Most men don't last longer than a few seconds; some men reach an orgasm even before they have a full erection.

"The Chin Buru in combination with the Fairy is the most powerful penis massager"

 Chin Buru, inside

Cleaning the Chin Buru:

The cross section pictured above gives you a good view of the structure of the Chin Buru. The Fairy Chin Buru is easy to clean. Detach it from the Fairy, rinse it with tap water and some soap, toy cleaner, or shower gel. 
You can easily dry it by reattaching it to the Fairy and switching on the device. The strong vibrations will make all water come off immediately. Because it has been designed especially for the Fairy it is firmly attached, yet easily removable.

Cleaning Chin Buru

The Chin Bury is delivered with a small bottle of lubricant.
This onahole measures 10 cm.
Remember that the Fairy is required for using the Chin Buru.

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