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Cleo Masturbator

This compact mini-hip is absolutely beautifully designed, inside and out!

The soft, feminine curves, smooth belly, and nice round ass don't only look great but also feel realistic thanks to the high-quality material KOKOS uses. 

When you slide inside, her tight pussy will grip you, pulling you in further with its organic structure of bumps and ridges. The tunnal narrows towards the end, closing around you more tightly and ramping up the stimulation - but thanks to the soft material, it won't be too intense for most people. Thanks to the closed end and the thick "walls" of this mini-hip, it's easy to form a vacuum: Squeeze out some air before you penetrate the KOKOS Cleo, and you'll feel ehr sucking you back in every time you pull back. 

The KOKOS Cleo is perfect for use sitting down, lying in bed or even standing up. While it is shaped like a hip, the compact size and low weight mean you can use this amsturbator for quite a while before your arm gets tired!


Make sure you clean and dry the Cleo mini-hip well after every use, as it will prolong its lifespan. Flush it out thoroughly under the tap, then squeeze out as much water as possible. Insert a drying stick or absorbent cloth and give it a couple of minutes to wick away the moisture. Repeat with another stick or cloth if you think it's necessary. You can finish by dusting the outside with some maintenance powder, this will restore the soft outer layer and keep dust and dirt from sticking to the surface. 


Size: 13.5 x 11 x 9 cm
Tunnel length: 10 cm
Material: TPR
Color: KOKOS Soft Beige
Use with water-based lubricant
Made by KOKOS

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