Love Body Coco - Bikini only


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Love Body Coco - Bikini Only

A big part of what makes clothing look sexy is the right fit. By ordering this outfit for the Love Body Coco (not included) you’ll make certain that the fit is exactly right and flattering for her figure.

The 3D render of the mascot girl looks great in the green bikini, and so will your inflatable love doll! The soft fabric will squeeze around her sizeable breasts, and the bottom covers up her crotch without being too constricting. You can still slide it to the side for easy access!

The fabric is easy to clean. Hand-wash it or put it in your washing machine on a “gentle” cycle.

Coco’s collection

This is only one of the many extras that A-One released for their Inflatable Love body! They allow you to customize your doll however you want:

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