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Coco’s Onahole

Of course you can use a wide variety of onaholes with the Love Body Coco, but this one is made specifically to fit her beautiful body.


The main body of the onahole is cylindrical, made to fit in Coco’s slot snugly. But this is not all! At the front, this onahole widens, forming a smooth pussy and fitting slush against the inflatable doll. A-One designed this onahole without visible labia, which not only makes it look streamlined but also means there are fewer delicate structures that can get damaged or trap dirt.


Coco’s Onahole has a tunnel with several distinct parts. After the entrance there is a small open space, which holds lube and reapplies it with every stroke. When you push deeper, her tight pussy will envelop you. The walls of this onahole aren’t super thick, but because it is inside a doll it will feel like they are! She pushes back against you, and the first thing you’ll feel is a series of wavy ridges. Around the middle of the tunnel is a pleasure bump, which feels great rubbing up and down your shaft, but specially if it hits your frenulum. The next part of the tunnel has some stimulating nubs, and after a final tightening you will squeeze into the “end chamber”. This chamber is lined with an organic texture, soft enough not to overstimulate the tip of your dick. A large, flexible bump will rub over you, simulating the cervix.

Coco’s collection

While you can use this onahole separately, its intended use is with the Love Body Coco (not included). A-One made this doll with many optional parts and accessories, so you can have Coco exactly how you want her!


Material: TPE
Weight: 225 grams
Length: 14.5 cm
Made by A-One
Use with water-based lubricant

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