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Coco’s Soft Skin

Combine all the benefits of an inflatable love doll with the softness of a plush one!

Soft Skin

This fabric cover is designed to fit perfectly over the inflatable Love Body Coco. It has a hole at the crotch so you can still fuck her! The fabric is soft and smooth, and it’s a pale beige. Thanks to the zipper that runs down the head and back it’s easy to remove the skin you you can wash or store it. The Soft Skin is a little stretchy, so it may fit over other love dolls as well, but we can’t guarantee it will fit nicely!

When A-One made the deliciously curvy Love Body Coco they realized that all their customers wanted different things. Some might prefer the look and feel of a plush body, while others prefer the easy to clean plastic or want a see through appearance. A-One decided to make all the add-ons optional, so everyone can customize Coco however they want! The Soft Skin Isn’t the only extra:


Made for use with Coco Love Body (not included)
Hand-wash cold, drip dry on flat surface

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