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Description / Cow Girl

Cow Girl Onahole: the ultimate full-bodied method for looong pleasure ♡

Ever wanted to try out the plump pussy of a large tittied Cow Girl? Well now you can thanks to Toy’sHeart’s Cow Girl! This soft and thick onahole will drain your balls dry with its fleshy stimulation. Let the Cow Girl milk you slowly and experience the long lasting pleasure of this full-bodied onahole.

In Japan, Cow girl milks you!

Slow Life, Slow Masturbation
Enjoying masturbation will enrich your life, and Toy’sHeart wanted to deliver "pleasure" so they made the Cow Girl with the utmost care. Some onaholes might be designed to give you the most pleasure in the shortest time possible by using firm and intense holes, but the Cow Girl combines Softness with Tightness and allows you to take your time and enjoy yourself.

No need to rush with this onahole. Just sit back, relax, and imagine this Cow Girl slowly taking her time to milk you completely. Let's milk a lot ♡

Thicc plump onahole Cow Girl onahole

Not too many onaholes have the same thickness as the Cow Girl. It starts out with walls that are 30 mm thick and slowly slim down to 20 mm by the end of the onahole. The middle section of the Cow Girl is a bit slimmer though, which gives you more comfort as you hold. This is of course something you will definitely need, considering that you will want to use this pocket pussy for a long period of time.

It is also good to know that the Cow Girl was made with ToysHeart's Virgin Skin material. This is a material that is completely safe and allows you to enjoy your long lasting experience without any worries. The Virgin Skin has even been approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, as it is in accordance with the Food Sanitation Law Standard 370.

Milking pocket pussy

The tunnel consists of a swirling protrusion that goes all the way to the end, where it opens up to a small open space. Covering the protrusions and the rest of the walls are a variety of different massaging textures.

The first of these textures are tiny little pleasure bumps that slowly get bigger the deeper you go. Halfway through the tunnel, the bumps stop and thin protruding ridges take their place. These ridges start out thin but they get slightly thicker the further you go in.

Finally, you will arrive in an open pocket chamber. This chamber only has a few bumps at the end, but its real purpose is the vacuum it creates when you press down on it before you go in.

Usage recommendation by ToysHeart

ToysHeart recommends that you use plenty of lotion before you enter the Cow Girl. The idea is that you stroke slowly and with long motions, passing by each stimulation inside the tunnel. As you continue doing this, you will get closer and closer to the edge, but you have to endure it! Enjoy the soft folds that coil around you like a butterfly flaps its wings. When you reach the end of your session, be sure to finish deep inside and the end of the tunnel. Take your time and let yourself enjoy the very ‘luxurious’ feeling of being able to take your time with your masturbation session.

Cow Girl in short

The Cow Girl is a thick soft onahole designed by ToysHeart. It was designed with the idea to be able to enjoy a long lasting masturbation session in which you relax and take your time to enjoy yourself. So sit back and let this onahole drain your balls empty, leaving you completely satisfied.

Cow Girl Onahole Specs:

Weight: 380gr
Length: 14cm
Width: 7,5cm
Tunnel length: 12cm
Material: TPE
Made by: ToysHeart

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Customer Reviews

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Top tier edging and easy to clean Biggest Bang for your Buck Easy
Review by WolffSteel
This is one of the best onaholes I have ever bought. It is very soft so the stimulation does not take off very fast, but it works as described and should be your go to for edging and long sessions, easily reaching 15-20 minutes.

The material is thick and the taper in the middle allows you to have a very loose grip while moving it in it's full motion from top to bottom. I would recommend using a lot of lube. About two or three times what you would use normally. Firstly because of the deep grooves of the swirls and secondly because how long it will be in use.

Cleaning this is probably the easiest of any toy I've owned so far. It's made with the Virgin Skin material and though I have not found it advertised on this specific hole ,I have been able to gently turn it inside out for instant cleaning and drying and then gently folding it back. I have done this successfully over 30 times with no signs of tearing on any part. It is still easy to clean if you have proper tools. I would not recommend cleaning without some kind of wand because of its deep threads.

I cannot praise this cow enough.
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 380.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 120.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer

International Reviews

Review by Nic
die Onahole ist durch das zusätzliche material schön weich und fühl sich gut an.
Die Verarbeitung ist auch sehr gut, wie es von Toys Heart zu erwarten ist.
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