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Description / Smell of Eldest Sister 10ml

Smell of Elder Sister

Tamatoys isn’t afraid to try new things, and every now and again they strike gold! Their line of smell fetish products is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. A smell can give you all kinds of associations and make it much easier to lose yourself in your favourite fantasy. So, what does this one smell like?

Elder sister smell

You might have a hard time imagining what an elder sister smells like, and we can’t blame you. The Elder Sister (Oneesan) is a girl who is responsible, mature, gentle and patient. The erotic perfume based on her smells clean and feminine. You’ll smell the soap she washed herself with, the detergent of her panties, and a pleasant feminine musk, like a freshly washed aroused pussy.
This is one of Tamatoys most widely appealing scents!

How to use

This smell fetish product comes in a small (10ml) glass bottle with a spray nozzle. It’s packaged securely in a cardboard sleeve, so you don’t have to be afraid of it breaking during shipping. To use it, simply spray a small amount onto your onahole, a pair of panties, or whatever you want. Leave it sit for a minute or so to let the most volatile components evaporate and it’s ready! Definitely take it easy with this product; it is very potent.


Glass bottle with spray nozzle (10 ml)
Made by Tamatoys

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More like a normal perfume
Review by Kinta
I know these products are all called smell of pussy, but everyone buying this should know, that it is just a perfume. It smells really nice and a lot like something fruity. Nohings reminds me of the smell of body fluids or something like this. It is like one of those perfumes disney makes for teenagers under there princess label. But it adds something nice to your masturbation sessions, because it will remind you of the smell of a perfumed woman. But I won't buy it again I think, because it is just too expensive for such a perfume.
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