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KOKOS Elegance 001

If you’re looking for a more realistic experience, the Elegance 001 might be right up your alley. With its beautiful design and amazing double-layer internal structure, you’ll keep coming back to this onahole by KOKOS!


KOKOS is aimed a little more at the mainstream than some of the other brands we sell, and the packaging reflects this. The box is clean and stylish, with a picture of a blonde woman on the front and back. On the side are pictures of the outside and inside of the onahole, complete with English text to explain each part.

The Elegance 001 is packaged very safely, sitting in a plastic insert with a lid. This sturdy container is a great place to keep storing your onahole after every use.

Premium material, premium design

KOKOS has been developing their special blend of TPE for many years now, and the quality is great. Unlike some other onaholes, the material here has very little smell. After the first wash this smell will fade even further.

The Elegance 001 weighs about 360 grams, which is light enough to easily use with one hand, but also heavy enough to make for some nice solid walls. The sides of this onahole are thick enough that you won’t feel your fingers through the side.

The outside of the onahole is covered in thin grooves which make it look almost like wood grain. The front of the onahole is more exciting, with a fairly realistic and detailed pussy: the soft and puffy outer labia are spread, like when a woman parts her legs for you, and the inner labia and clitoral hood are prominently visible. These inner labia aren’t just fun to look at either: when you thrust in and out they will slide over you every time.

Dual layer design for extra realism

When you pull the labia apart you will see that the inside has a different colour. This pink inner material is designed to give a little extra resistance and stimulation, making for a more realistic experience. On top of that, the pink inside also looks much more inviting than a skin-colored one would, of course!

The internal texture consists of thick ridges and bumps, made to mimic the feeling of a real vagina. The texture is very organic and doesn’t mirror or repeat. Slide in and out of this artificial pussy, twist it around yourself slowly, or do both at once! The tunnel is fairly tight and you can really feel the walls squeezing you!

inside kokos elegance masturbator


The Elegance 001 can be flushed out very easily because there are no deep textures, narrow “gates” or other places which can trap dirt. Simply flush it out thoroughly under the tap, using some toy cleaner if necessary. Then let as much of the water drip out as possible and insert an absorbent cloth inside to absorb the last bits of moisture. We recommend using some maintenance powder on the outside once everything is dry, as this will restore the soft outer layer and keep dirt and dust from sticking to your masturbator.


Material: TPE
Total length: 16 cm
Total width: 7.5 cm
Total weight: 360 grams
Produced by KOKOS
Use with water-based lubricant

Additional Information

  1. A very good purchase Review by Bryphocy

    I gotta say, this one surprised me. It has some amazing texture which you can feel all the way through. The durability is astonishing, since i purchased this, about 1½ months ago, its seen frequent (daily) use, and the only thing i've noticed is some tearing at the entrance, the insides of it feel as whole as the day i got it. I very much recommend this for anyone, especially at this price, its quite frankly a steal. (Posted on 10/16/2018)

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