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KOKOS Elegance 002

This luxurious premium onahole by KOKOS has everything going for it. Realistic outside, realistic inside, and great material. Read on to learn more!

Judge a book by its cover

When you get your hands on the Elegance 002 onahole you’ll see it has the attention to detail we know and love from KOKOS. A sturdy cardboard box with elegant pictures on the side and clear pictures of the onahole. All the text is in English as well, so you know exactly what to expect. Open the box and you’ll see that the onahole is packaged securely in a plastic blister. This blister will keep dust and dirt away and is perfect to re-use for storage of the Elegance 002.

The outside of this onahole has a texture that makes it incredibly easy to grip. It looks almost like a tufted cushion! The front of the onahole is absolutely spectacular: the realistic pussy with large, heart-shaped labia looks very inviting. All the detail is there: the clitoris, clitoral hood, inner labia, outer labia, and of course the entrance to her juicy pussy. The material KOKOS uses is completely body-safe, so if you want to get started with some oral action we’re not stopping you. And speaking of material...

Premium material

KOKOS has many years of experience in the sex toy industry and they know exactly what their customers look for in a material. The skin-coloured TPE on the outside feels soft enough to feel realistic, but is firm enough to keep its shape and give stimulation. It has a very mild smell, which will fade further and further every time you wash it.
Of course it is best to use a nice and concentrated water-based lube with this masturbator!

The inside

Of course, the inside is what it’s really about. The Elegance 002 has been outfitted with a long, realistic tunnel. She’s a little less tight than her sister onahole, the Elegance 001, but still decently stimulating. The entrance has a thin, tight membrane which will wrap around you to keep the lube from leaking out. Of course, most people also prefer this tight look over a gaping hole.
The organic inside structure has large folds and bumps, which wrap around your member in complex, asymmetrical patterns. This texture is made to feel organic and it does a great job!


Cleaning the Elegance 002 is fairly easy. Rinse it out under the tap, using your fingers to spread the opening a little. Keep running water through it until everything has washed away. Now, squeeze out as much water as possible and insert s a soft, absorbent cloth. Let this sit for a couple of minutes so it can absorb all the moisture. Repeat the drying step if necessary! Using maintenance powder is optional, but it will help keep your onahole soft and clean.


Material: TPE
Total length: 16 cm
Total width: 7.5 cm
Total weight: 360 grams
Produced by KOKOS
Use with water-based lubricant

Additional Information

  1. Much smaller than expected Review by Martin

    It is much smaller than I expected and I think that this onahole would be better if it was larger.
    The material and inside texture is nice - not the best I've encountered but it's not bad - but due to its' size it feels quite tight. I recommend that you get a watery and very slippery lubricant with this (like Gun Oil) - and not one of those thicker lubes like Kyo. (Posted on 7/28/2018)

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