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Extrip Haruna Hana - pornstar pocket pussy

Haruna Hana: Japan’s AV porn star

Blessed with an enormous K-cup breast size and an otherwise streamlined body, Haruna hana has quickly become of of Japan’s most beloved pornstars - and her name’s starting to become known in the West, too! EXE and E-BODY united their powers to bring you an onahole pussy clone, so that you can imagine it’s her pussy sliding around your cock while you’re watching one of her many amazing videos.

Realistic Pocket Pussy: modelled on the real thing

extrip haruna hana

Of course you can use any onahole to daydream about any AV star, but what’s better than one based on the actual star’s pussy? The inside and outside of this Extrip onahole mimic Haruna Hana’s body, closely resembling her tight pussy with its small labia minora.

While they didn’t take a direct copy from Haruna Hana’s insides -due to the different material it wouldn’t feel the same- they went for something that feels very comparable. The organic, fleshy folds that line the tunnel combined with the subtle texture create a wonderful, realistic stimulation that’ll have you begging for more.

Dual-layer onahole construction

The Extrip Haruna Hana has a dual-layer construction. This means that two different materials have been used in its construction. The outside layer is silky smooth and soft, just like Haruna Hana’s skin. The thick walls of this onahole are made of this material and they generate exactly enough “squeeze”. The inside of the pocket pussy is lined with a different material. This pink material looks great when you spread the pussy open, but also delivers more realistic stimulation than the lighter material would.

Extrip haruna Hana In Short

Whether you’re one of Haruna Hana’s loyal fans or you’re just looking for a great onahole, this Extrip onahole will fulfill your desires. The beautifully shaped outside, dual layer design and organic tunnel make this an onahole that’s incredibly easy to love.

Using and cleaning the Extrip Haruna Hana

Like most onaholes, the Extrip Haruna Hana is best suiter for use with water-based personal lubricant. If you want that extra dose of realism, use a USB warmer to preheat it for a couple of minutes, so you can slide into a hot, wet pussy!

After use make sure you rinse the onahole well, and then get rid of as much moisture as you can. You can do this using a drying stick or a piece of lint-free absorbent fabric. If you want your onahole to last as long as possible check out our cleaning page for more information!

Extrip Haruna Hana Specs

Weight: 685gr
Length: 17cm
Tunnel length: ~14cm (stretchy)
Made by: EXE & E-BODY

Additional Information

Number of holes1
Number of layers2
ReusableIs reusable
Bone structureNo
Tunnel length80mm
Product weight685gram