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F&F Idol Onahole


Mouth or Pussy? You won’t have to choose with this onahole from Enjoy Toys: it contains two completely different, separate tunnels despite its diminutive size!


The box art features a gorgeous girl with pigtails. She wants to get ahead in the Idol business but doesn’t know how... She’s willing to do absolutely everything. Her cute dress is pulled down, revealing her breasts, and she’s pulled her panties to the side for easy access to her pussy. A second picture on the side of the box has a bonus shot of her sweet face covered in cum.

The onahole

When you take the F&F Idol Onahole out of the box and remove the protective plastic you’ll feel that the TPE material is fairly sturdy but also stretchy. Firmer material tends to be more stimulating, and doesn't get damaged as easily as soft material. The onahole has a very slight, not unpleasant smell. The onahole weighs 225 grams and measures about 15 cms, which is pretty standard for a single-hand onahole. What makes this onahole different are the two different tunnels: on one side, the onahole has a pussy with detailed labia and a clitoral hood. On the other side you’ll find a nose and mouth. The mouth is open, ready to receive you, with an even more detailed design than the pussy. Casting quality can differ a little, some onaholes might have a little extra TPE on the mouldline that can be snipped or cut away easily.

Fuck or Fellatio?

Which one do you want to try first, fuck or fellatio?

cut through double hole

Fellatio (bottom): The oral tunnel has a lot going for it. Lube it up and use her lips to get yourself going, sliding them over your tip. Once you push inside you’ll feel the ridge of her teeth sliding over you, and right behind the teeth the tongue is waiting for you. This tongue can move around freely, licking your tip as you enter. Because the F&F Idol Onahole is fairly small, it is easy to push around and get the tongue exactly where you want it. The top of the mouth is lined with ridges which will stimulate you from the top while the tongue takes care of the bottom - or the other way around if you turn the onahole over, of course. If you slide under the tongue you’ll encounter a dead end, but even this area is lined with ridges. Pushing through, you’ll reach the uvula, a bump at the end of the mouth.
Here, the throat starts. This Idol’s throat has a dual structure: not only is it lined with large rings which will slide over you one by one, it is also covered in small bumps. These two combine to give a stimulating, realistic experience.

Fuck (top): The mouth might have some exciting features, but the pussy definitely isn’t boring either. When you slide into the tight pussy you will feel the opening squeezing around you. This not only feels great, but also keeps the lube from leaking out and making a mess.
The first area you’ll encounter after this is lined with very pronounced bumps which provide some strong stimulation. After this you enter a smoother part, which has a gentle spiral curling around you, which feels almost hypnotizing if you slide in and out slowly. This less intense area allows you to pace yourself, and you’ll need that for the next one! The tunnel is lined with several deep ridges, and after pushing through these rings you come into the end chamber, which is covered in round nubs which will massage the top of your dick.

You might expect the tunnels to be very tight because they squeezed two of them into a regular-sized onahole, but this isn’t the case. They are about as tight as the average onahole and will stretch to allow for different girths. The walls of the onahole are fairly thin, which allows you to exert pressure exactly where you want it.


Because the material is fairly firm and springs back into shape easily this onahole can form a vacuum around you, sucking with every thrust. Squeeze at the air before you enter and you’ll feel it tug at you!

In short

This onahole by Enjoy Toys is a lot of bang for your buck. Two different tunnels, both with a lot of detail and stimulation allway you to enjoy this onahole in a lot of ways. Pick one tunnel, switch back and forth, use the mouth upside down… You’ll want to use it again and again!


Weight: 225 grams
Length: 15 cms
Width: 6.8 cm
Material: TPE
Includes free lube sample
Two separate tunnels
Made in Japan by Enjoy Toys
Also known as Bitch Idol Onahole

Additional Information

BrandEnjoy Toys

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