Fairy attachment adapter -> Fairy Mini

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Fairy attachment adapter -> Fairy Mini

This useful adapter will make your regular Fairy suitable for attachments for the Fairies with a smaller head.

Below you find an overview of the diameters of the heads of the various Fairies.

 Fairy type                  Length             Diameter head           Weight            Plug or battery

 Magic Wand               33 cm              55 mm                         502 g                           Plug

 Fairy Mini                   25 cm              45 mm                         302 g                           Plug

 Fairy Charge              20 cm              45 mm                         185 g                           Battery

 Fairy Turbo                26 cm              45 mm                         410 g                           Plug

 Black Exceed             25 cm              45 mm                         410 g                           Plug

This adapter attachment will change your regular 55 mm Fairy into a 45 mm version. This allows you to use all attachments for the Fairy Mini for your regular Fairy  

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