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Fairy Black Exceed

For years, the Fairy has enjoyed its reputation as the most powerful vibrator.
Now, there is a new model: the Fairy Black Exceed. With 13,500 rounds per minute, this is a real powertool! It is even faster than the Fairy Turbo. The strong motor is also the reason that the Fairy Exceed has an active cooling system, just like the Turbo.
The base of the Fairy contains a small fan that cools the motor, when necessary.

The Fairy Black Exceed is equipped with a European plug to connect it to the mains power. With a 2.5 meter cord you can easily use the Fairy anywhere, even if you don't have a socket immediately next to your bed.

45 mm head

The Fairy Exceed has a head with a 45 mm diameter, just like the Fairy Mini and the Fairy Turbo. That makes it a size smaller than the regular Fairy. Unfortunately that means that the Chin Buru attachment does not fit the Fairy Black Exceed.


Control of the Fairy Black Exceed is easy and accurately. Use the scroll wheel on the grip to set the exact speed you enjoy. Of course it is easy to change the speed with the scroll wheel. Turn it up to get an intense climax!

Fairy black exceed

For men and women

The Fairy is designed to create the most intense and powerful orgasms, for women and men.
For men? Yes, The Fairies are there to please the males too. Of course you can give your wife another extreme clitoral orgasm after you both enjoyed a nice romp.
But your partner can also pleasure your dick with this sex toy. The powerful vibrations are bound to get you hard quickly for another round.

In short, everyone should have a Fairy at hand in the bedroom, whether it is the regular model or the Exceed.
The Exceed is a little smaller, but still very powerful. Some people are completely sold by the regular Fairy, because of its deeper vibrations. Others love the extra speed, and won't let go of their Turbo or Black Exceed.

Fairy Black Exceed product details

Easy and accurate scroll wheel
Length: 260 mm (10.2")
Diameter head: 45 mm (1.8 ")
Length cord: 2,5 m (8.2 ft)

Of course you can use the Fairy Black Exceed for regular massages too. Soothe the pain in your neck and shoulders, and finish your relaxing session with a wild orgasm!

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