Fat Boy THIN - SilaSkin Penis Shealth Extender

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The Fat Boy Thin 14 or 18 cm Large SilaSkin Cock Sheath Extender

Most of you will already know the Fat Boy Sport; the extension that makes your penis sensationally bigger. However, for some girls and boys, it can get a little bit too big... This is why there now is a thinner version of the Fat Boy!

  • - Incredible sensations for both partners
  • - Irresistibly soft and flexible material
  • - Also functions as a first-class masturbator
  • - Vacuum creates suction
  • - Covered with studs on the inside
  • - Can be used in combination with any lubricant
  • - Makes the penis considerably thicker and longer
  • - Easy to clean
  • - Available in transparent or black

The Fat Boy Thin is the leaner brother of the popular Fat Boy Sport. 

While the Fat Boy Thin gives more body to your boner, it can still easily be inserted.
The Fat Boy Thin is strong, but very elastic.

Bigger Penis

You can wear the Fat Boy underneath your clothes. It feels natural, moves smoothly with your body, and achieves body temperature.  It will make your manhood look larger and more impressive, making you look sexier, while you gain confidence.
You could compare this extender with silicone breast implants for women; it looks great and feels sensational. It's just that it's not inside, but on the outside of the penis. 
You instantly have a large and thick dong, and that is only one of the advantages of the Fatboy Thin.

Use the Fat Boy Thin as a masturbator

This toy can be used to pleasure two partners, but the Fat Boy Thin can also be used as a masturbator for one. Its interior is covered with studs and ridges that stimulate your penis. But the biggest pleasure is that caused by the vacuum creating suction during masturbation. Together with the soft material pulling on your penis, the experience is very satisfying.

Fat Boy THIN - SilaSkin Penis Shealth Extender
The extender stays firmly in place thanks to the loop around your testicles. Its elasticity makes it easy to put on and take off, while it also stimulates the perineum.  

Use the Fat Boy Thin together

The Fat Boy can also be used during foreplay. Give new possibilities to your favourite dildo by covering it with a bit of lube, and inserting it in the Fat Boy. Now your dildo is bigger and softer.
The soft and smooth Fat Boy Thin is made out of a blend of silicone and TPR, rendering it superelastic, soft, and very pleasant to the touch.
Penetration is much more intense for the receiving party, because of the increased thickness. While the giver will be able to perform longer, with added stimulation of the testicles.
The Fat Boy Thin is available in various interior lengths. Because it is designed to be a perfect fit, it is a very user-friendly extender for penetration.

Versatile, comfortable, and durable

You can bring this toy with you anywhere. Even without a bag or coat, simply wear it around your penis!
As described above, there are many ways of using the Fat Boy Extender.
It is comfortable to wear, and feels great - for both partners.
The material is durable, elastic, supple, smooth, and makes for a snug fit.

Not a contraceptive

The Fat Boy Thin is not a contraceptive. Please do not use it as a condom. It can be used in combination with any lubricant and is easy to clean.
The extender can be turned inside out, and rinsed with water and a mild soap.
The new, soft, and patented SilaSkin material feels fantastic. If you are experienced with other Perfect Fit products, you know exactly what we mean!
The Fat Boy Thin will not disappoint!

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