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Description / Fudeoroshi Vacuum Type

Fuderoshi Vacuum Type - lean back and relax

Having your first sexual experience with an older woman, or as Japanese put it ‘dipping your brush’, is what the Fudeoroshi is all about. This onahole, made by ToysHeart, is designed for beginners with little experience with onaholes and pocket pussies. This is made apparent once again by the fact that it ranks as Standard on the ToysHeart Characteristics chart, which truly makes it perfect for starters.

Home Tutor Onahole

"No need to worry, leave everything to me..."

Your very thorough home tutor is here to teach you everything you need to know for the tests. But she is not just going to teach you the theoretical side of biology, she is going to the erotic practical side as well. She will help to not only graduate from school, but from your (onahole) virginity as well!

A true man's romance!

The flexible pocket pussy

Taking a look at the Fuderoroshi Vacuum Type, you can already see that it looks quite soft and flexible. It is made with ToysHeart’s Virgin Skin, which is known for its soft squishiness. It is a completely safe material which means you won’t need to worry about anything as you indulge yourself in the pleasure of this onahole.

The Fudeoroshi has thick walls near the end and beginning of onahole, and a slimmer center. The thicker walls give a nice and realistic feeling with every stroke, and the slimmer flexible center make it more comfortable to hold onto whilst also giving you more control over your experience.

The vulva itself has a simple but realistic design, making it that much easier to imagine actually fucking this girl. As mentioned before, this onahole is considered a Standard type on ToysHeart’s Characteristic Chart, meaning that it is neither too tight or too loose, nor is it too soft or too firm. It is just right in all aspects!

A Gentle Pocket Pussy Onahole

Truly fitting of a beginner’s onahole, the textures of the inner tunnel of this pocket pussy are not too overly stimulating. This means you can really take your time getting used to this onahole without the fear of your experience ending too soon. And besides, thanks to its vacuum design, you can easily make the experience more stimulating.

The first texture you encounter in the tunnel of this onahole are little bumps. These bumps almost have the shape of little brush heads, which is a nice reference to the meaning of the name Fudeoroshi. Though they might seem simple, they will be able to create a nice stimulation with the vacuum. Next up are thick ridges protruding from the walls, with smaller ridges on them. Merely passing these ridges will give your glans plenty of pleasure, which will only increase with the vacuum. Finally, the tunnel ends in a narrow section that leads to a hollow chamber. This chamber is what allows for the powerful suction of the vacuum. Let your glans pass through this ‘cervix’ again and again, or let it focus on the ridges before that. It doesn’t matter! The pleasure is in your hands.

Fudeoroshi Vacuum Type’s lessons

As explained in the picture, the first step of using the Fudeoroshi Vacuum Type is putting in lubrication. The amount of lubrication will actually affect the kind of vacuum you end up getting, so be sure to try out different amounts! Next, you can squeeze the end of the onahole so that all the air comes out. This way you will create a strong vacuum, which will increase the level of stimulation. With the vacuum caused by the air escaping from this onahole, you will experience an intense level of suction which will make you feel like you are using an entirely different product.

Regardless of whether you squeezed out the air or not, you can now enter this pocket pussy and start stroking. Once you are done, be sure to properly clean the water. You can check out our [cleaning products and guides] for more help with this.

Change it up every now by changing to ‘Chijo-mode’ and use two hands. Don’t just use two hands on the onahole at the same time, but use those two hands to twist the onahole in a screwdriver manner, and create another unique feeling.

Fudeoroshi Vacuum Type in short

The Fudeoroshi Vacuum Type is one of ToysHeart’s onaholes, perfect for beginners. The interior is more subtle which is combined perfectly with vacuum capabilities of this onahole. It also has a special twist design, allowing you to easily twist the middle section of the Fudeoroshi Vaccum Type

Fudeoroshi Vacuum Type Onahole specifications

Weight: 229gr
Length: 12,5cm
Width: 6,3cm
Tunnel length: 11cm
Material: TPE
Made by: ToysHeart

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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 229.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 110.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer
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