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Fuwa Cyun Triple

The Fuwa Cyun Triple is an incredibly versatile onahole which looks almost like candy! Want to know what makes this onahole unique? Read on!

Excellent packaging

G-Project did a great job on the packaging this time! The high-quality box has eye-catching holographic print and features art of three different girls. Apart from the colours they look very similar, but their personalities are very different: the pink haired girl is sweet and gentle, the blue-haired girl is a little headstrong and the yellow-haired girl is strong and energetic. These different personalities translate into three different types of material for the onahole.

Three types of material, two ways to use it…. For the price of one onahole!


The first thing you’ll notice when taking this onahole out of the packaging are the three different colours. Holding the Fuwa Cyun Triple in your hand you can already feel that they are very different to the touch, with the pink material being the softest and the yellow material being the firmest.

So does the onahole go from soft to firm, or from firm to soft? Both! The Fuwa Cyun Triple has an opening on either side and can be used both ways. If you enter on the pink side you will start with a fairly wide opening, which makes for a very easy entry - ideal if you’re not rock hard yet. The tunnel then narrows into a tighter spiral, lined with ribs and bumps. After another ribbed chamber you push into the blue area, which starts with two narrow gates and then turns into a wider “pleasure room” The suction cup structures in this room feel absolutely amazing, whether they’re sliding over the top of your cock or over the shaft. After another two gates you push into the yellow material - and you’ll really have to push! This firm material is almo

The double hole makes the Puni Fuwa Triple incredibly versatile. Starting at the tight yellow end is great if the head of your penis is particularly sensitive or want it to feel more like anal. If you start at the gentle pink end your experience will get more intense as you go, and by switching to shallow thrusts and deeper ones you can pace yourself.st unyielding, and pushing into this almost feels like pushing into a tight womb. The yellow area first had a room with some mild ribs, then a ring-shaped gate and finally another tight area lines with nubs. Depending on your preferences you can either hold the opening at the end closed to form a mild vacuum, or keep it open and let the tip of your cock slide out.


Thanks to the double opening the Fuwa Cyun Triple is incredibly easy to clean. Rinse it out under the tap, letting water flush through the tunnel. When everything is clean shake off as much of the water as possible. Then insert an absorbent cloth or drying stick and leave it in for a couple of minutes to absorb the last bits of moisture. As a final step you can apply some maintenance powder to the outside, this will restore the soft outer layer and keep dust and dirt from clinging to your toy. G-project even includes a free storage bag with this onahole to store it in.


Total length: 15 cm
Total width: 5.5 cm
Product weight: 300 grams
Includes free lube sample
Includes free ziplock storage bag

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