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G-Project Warmer 

Some people want their onaholes tight, some want them stretchy, some want them firm. Some only go for dual-layer designs or ones with vacuum chambers. Onaholes are highly personal, and everyone likes something different… But very people people want a cold onahole!

Simple way to add realism

The G-Project warmer is very easy to use:

  • Put some lubricant into your onahole and insert the warmer. Using lubricant makes it easier to insert, and as an added bonus your lubricant will also heat up!
  • Plug the warmer into a USB port on your computer. (note: do not plug it into a wall-to-USB adaptor; this might cause it to get too hot too quickly)
  • Wait some time for it to heat up. How long it takes depends on your onahole: bigger ones take a little longer. G-Project recommend 5 to 10 minutes. 
  • Take the warmer out and use the onahole!

Perfect temperature

The G-project warmer will heat your onahole up continuously, so you can take it out when it has reached whatever temperature you prefer. Make sure yo don't leave it in too long though, as excessive heat can damage the TPE. This warmer is 18 cms long, which is easily long enough for most onaholes.

Fully waterproof means easy cleaning

While heating up the lubricant together with the onahole is the best way to do it, it does mean that your warmer gets a little dirty. Thankfully cleaning is very easy With the G-Project Warmer since you can take the usb cable off and plug the end with a little cap. The warmer is now fully waterproof and you can wash it in the sink using some lukewarm water!


Total length: 18 cm
Total width: 2 cm
Weight: 85 grams
Temperature: 37.5 C

Additional Information

  1. Warm and pleasurable I like it to be a bit warmer Review by Unius

    It was good in 5 minutes my onaholke warmed up (with right lube not to dry out). Be careful to not let it stay inside your hole too long or it will deform it but I only had this issue once. I prefer the one that warms up to 40 degrees and this also shuts down so the heat won't make it bulge but you shouldn't let it stay inside too long or it will shape like the warmer you put it into after a little while this just happens with a non-heated rod as well. (Posted on 9/15/2019)

  2. Good product for warming onaholes. Review by UserA

    G-project warmer works really well for warming onaholes and seems to be a long lasting product.It usually takes 20-30 minutes to make an onahole ready. Drawbacks: a)The cap.Although it's helpul for protecting the warmer from water while carefully cleaning it,I wouldn't advise submerging it.
    b)the price.It's a little bit expensive for the long time it needs to warm an toy.
    Overall, if you ignore the cap issue and the price and it's a really good choice. (Posted on 8/9/2019)

  3. Get the job done Review by win

    The usb hole has a cover to protect the water getting inside

    A bit more expensive than other warmer however you get what you pay for (Posted on 5/7/2018)

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