Geki-Fera Vacuum Aika


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Geki-Fera Vacuum Aika

This sensual oral masturbation toy combines some great looks with amazing stimulation: some realistic, some even better than the real thing!


Aika is one of Japan’s most popular adult actresses, and now that she is retiring several different onaholes based on her have come out. You can watch videos of her while using this toy to really complete the experience!
N.P.G. has made many toys based on porn actresses, and they know how to balance realism with practicality and great sensation.


Of course the outside of the box features Aika herself performing oral sex and looking up at the camera with the beautiful large eyes she is known for. Other sides of the box have more photos of her and the onahole.
The Geki-Fera itself is wrapped safely in a bag to protect it from dust and dirt.

The Onahole

When you unbox it, you will see that the Geki-Fera Vacuum Aika looks absolutely stunning! The design is very detailed, and the open mouth, curved lips and sucked-in cheeks look much more exciting than most other oral masturbators. The vivid red inside of the mouth and the detailed tongue add another layer of realism. The onahole has several ridges on the outside, making it easy to grab comfortably and without slipping.
The Geki-Fera is firm enough to hold its shape, but flexible and stretchy enough to feel good and accommodate different sizes. When you squeeze it it pops right back into shape, and this property is what makes this oral masturbator suck on you while you use it.

The Tunnel

Obviously, the tunnel starts with Aika’s beautiful lips. When you push inside, her lips will wrap around you. Next you encounter the realistic tongue, curved in a gentle u-shape. The subtle texture of closely-spaced small nubs feels just like a real tongue. The roof of the mouth has large ridges, just like a real mouth.
As if this spectacular entrance isn’t enough, the tunnel then continues, narrowing just after the uvula to simulate a deep-throat feeling. Here a series of ridges starts: horizontal, vertical, diagonal and twisting, following one after the other.

Multi-layer design

The Geki-Fera Vacuum Aika has a dual-layered design. This isn’t just to make the onahole look enticing, with the pale white skin and the red mouth, but also because the different materials have a slightly different feel to them. The outer layer is designed to feel like soft skin, while the inside is made specifically to deliver the right amount of stimulation.


Total length: 15 cm
Total tunnel length: 11.5 cm
Total width: 8.5 cm
Weight: 380 grams
Material: TPE
Made by N.P.G.

It sucks… Just the way we like it!

The Geki-Fera Vacuum Aika is another great onahole by N.P.G. The beautifully shaped toy absolutely delivers when it comes to pleasure, and it’s a must-try, regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of Aika.

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  1. Great Material Review by Kimi

    The material feels good (Posted on 6/30/2020)

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