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GENMU Hand Grenade C4

Has Japan developed a secret weapon for the military? Well, if they’re far away from home, they might want to have this in their arsenal…

Hard cup design

There are many ways to design an onahole and it’s hard to say what’s best. Each design has benefits and drawbacks, and what feels best is very subjective.


  • You won’t be able to feel your hands through the side of the cup
  • The outside stays clean, as the hard plastic isn’t sticky
  • The rigid outer shell means a powerful vacuum can form


  • The outside doesn’t feel realistic and skin-like
  • The cup won’t stretch, so if you are longer than the cup you won’t be able to go balls-deep

Hand-grenade walls

vacuum seal

So, as you might have guessed, this cup doesn’t feature an anatomically correct vagina design. The entrance is a fairly plain easy-entry hole which seals around you when you push inside, gripping your shaft and keeping lube from leaking out. The first area of this onahole is where it gets its name: it’s shaped like a hand grenade, round with indentations. After this unusual area the tunnel tightens, with large ribbed pleasure bumps pressing against you from different sides. Turn the Genmu C4 whichever way you want, so this stimulation hits your most sensitive spots! This cup is also well-suited to use in a spiralling motion. The tunnel ends with a smaller “hand grenade” chamber, the gently bumps stimulating the head of your cock.The back of the tunnel has a little padding so you don’t bruise yourself as you thrust inside again and again, building up to an explosive climax!

Vacuum control

When you enter, the air behind the sleeve is pushed out, and when you pull back, the air is sucked back in… Unless you cover up the hole with your finger! If you do this, you will create a vacuum and the cup will suck you in, sealing around you more tightly and intensifying the stimulation. Switch between having the hole open and closed to alternate milder and heavier stimulation, edging yourself closer to orgasm.


This GENMU cup is incredibly easy to clean: simply slide the white inner sleeve out, and rinse it thoroughly under the tap. Make sure to dry it well afterwards to avoid mould and bacteria growing inside.

Make love, not war

In short, the GENMU Hand Grenade C4 is an affordable cup that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. The stimulating design and control over the vacuum are sure to make you enjoy this!


Full length: 16 cm
Full width: 6.8 cm
Full weight: 220 grams
Includes free lube sample (6 ml)

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