GENMU Weapon H-Bomb

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GENMU Weapon H-Bomb

This masturbation cup has been especially developed for the military*, to test the strength and endurance of their most elite soldiers. The H-Bomb is the most intensely stimulating cup in the Genmu series. How long can you last?

*ok, not really, that’s just GENMU’s marketing department speaking.

Hard outside: shell-shocked?

There are many different ways to construct an onahole: single layer, dual layer, cup, internal rings, et cetera. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses, and GENMU knows how to make the most of these. If you buy a masturbation cup, this is what you can expect:

  • Amazing suction: the hard shell gives more resistance than more elastic materials.
  • Easy to keep clean: the hard plastic is easy to wash, and dust and hair won’t get stuck to it. 
  • You can’t feel your fingers through the walls
  • Solid grip, the cup doesn’t mimic soft skin like many onaholes do
  • Easy to store
  • A downside: the cup won’t stretch, so the depth of penetration is limited.vacuum seal

Stimulating tunnel for an explosive climax

Looking at the cut-through of the Genmu H-Bomb masturbation cup you can see it was inspired by a bomb. There are four distinct areas, each with their own highly stimulating texture.

The H-Bomb’s entry is a simple hole, which makes it easy to slide inside. The onahole will seal around you, squeezing you gently while keeping lube from leaking out, and air from leaking in. Then the real fun starts! The first area is a small chamber with spiralling fins. This area quickly tightens to the main tunnel, lined with horizontal ribs which will slide past you one by one. The third area doesn’t only have large stimulating nubs, but also a very pronounced pleasure bump, which you can use to stroke your frenulum or other highly sensitive areas. The H-bomb masturbator culminates in an end chamber with a womb-style structure, where you push through a narrow “mouth” into a tight chamber lined with organic bumps which wraps around your glans unrelentingly.

High-pressure vacuum

Do you reckon this tunnel isn’t intense enough for you yet? Use the strong vacuum to take it to the next level!

When you peel off the sticker at the back of the GENMU H-Bomb you’ll see a small hole. This is the air vent, and controlling this is key to creating a vacuum. Slide inside the cup (using plenty of lube), and the air behind the sleeve will be pushed out through the hole. Cover the hole with your finger, and slide back: the air can flow back in through the hole, so a vacuum will form, which makes the sleeve wrap around you even more tightly, resisting as you pull back.

The optional vacuum allows you to alternate your stimulation, sometimes using the vacuum, sometimes going without.


After the fun comes the cleanup, but thankfully GENMU has made it very easy to clean their cups. Simply pull the flexible sleeve out of the rigid cup and rinse it out under the tap with plenty of water. Dry it well, using maintenance sticks or a piece of clean, dry, absorbent fabric. Once it’s completely dry you can put the sleeve back in and store it until the next time!

In short…

The GENMU Weapon H-Cup is the most intense toy in the Weapon series, and if you like your onaholes to be intense this is one you should definitely try! The hard outer cup not only makes it easy to clean and store, but also makes it easy to create a strong vacuum.


Full length: 16 cm
Full width: 6.8 cm
Full weight: 220 grams
Includes free lube sample (6 ml)

Additional Information

BrandVarious brands
  1. Don't get it if you are bigger than 14x12. Review by Alador

    Product has a strong smell to it. It still persists after a few washes.
    I am of a slightly bigger than average size, and it is completely unusable for me without taking it out of the cup.
    Stimulation is okay, nothing out of this world, but I expect it to be stronger when used with the cup itself.
    It may be an okay purchase if you are 14x12 or less.

    It doesn't leak, easy to clean, store, and better than a hand. (Posted on 8/10/2018)

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