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Half Hera 2

The Meiki Half Hera Hip 2 is perfect for hands-free intercourse. Because of its weight of 5.5 kg and its flat bottom surface, it will not move during use.
The Half Hera 2 is designed with a vaginal and an anal tunnel.
Half Hera 2 tunnels


The vaginal tunnel has an outlet for fluids, while the anal tunnel is closed off, making it possible to create a vacuum to your liking.

The tight entrance of the vaginal tunnel stimulates the penis. There is a swollen and protruding G-Spot in the middle. The cervix at the end of the tunnel makes this replica completely realistic.

The thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) out of which the Half Hera 2 is made, is non-toxic and almost odourless.
Half Hera 2

Product Details:

Weight: 5.5 kg
Height: 14 cm
Length: 34 cm
Width: 26 cm

Half Hera Hip Auto Version?

The Half Hera 2 has two detailed and very realistic tunnels. Besides the regular version, you can now enjoy the Auto version.
Half Hera 2 Auto

The Auto version is equipped with two massage motors that simulate the contractions of the vagina. This will make your experience even more lifelike.
These motors vibrate and can rotate left or right. The control unit allows you to easily choose your settings. The unit has knobs for the intensity of the vibrations and rotation speed. 
There is also a volume control knob for the speaker, which emits the moaning of a woman in pleasure. You can also connect a headphone to the control.

This beautiful design enables you to enjoy a unique experience. The texture and curves of the tunnel, with its massaging walls make intercourse very realistic.
two way motor

Additional Information

  1. Size issue Review by Francky

    The product in itself is good quality but the size is not what I expected. It says 1:1 I would say is more 1:1.5 if real size a woman's hip should be larger than a man's hip. If real it's more like teenage size (Posted on 2/1/2018)

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