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HANJUKU ! (Half Mature)

The Hanjuku ! (Half Mature) is a big and special Onahole. The name Hanjuku in Japanese means half cooked or half baked. In the sense of a half cooked egg, but a cheesecake can also be Hanjuku in Japan.

Soft in the inside, but firm on the outside. And that is exactly what this Onahole is!

Double layered to a next level

We already know the double layered onahole since 2008, but the Hanjuku Onahole is more than an onahole with an extra layer on the inside.

The Hanjuku is more of an onahole with a harder layer on the outside. The inner layer is very thick and is actually the onahole!
HANJUKU ! (Half Mature)

The material is stretchable as you can see in the photo below. The backside looks a bit like a ‘Beef wellington’ but pink, or a candy? Enough comparisons with food, let’s talk about the feeling of this Onahole.

How does the Hanjuku Onahole feel?

The entrance has two big labia who let themselves be pushed outside easily. The labia hold the lube (which you don’t need a lot of with the Hanjuku) inside the tunnel of this Onahole, so everything doesn’t drip out.

Hanjuku Onahole tunnel

The first part of the tunnel has a spiral form, which you can clearly see on the image above.

In this part you feel the most stimulation. The second part of the Hanjuku is a bit milder but feels delicious.

This is not an onahole that you use to cum hard and quickly, but this is one where you can enjoy it longer, because the stimulation is mild and she feels looser than the most onaholes.

She fits very well on the penis, but the material is blissfully soft.

The tunnel is fairly long, the end of the tunnel is not yet the end of the Hanjuku, as you can see in the image above. Because at the end there are a few centimetres of extra material, you do not have a feeling that your penis pokes through the back.

Is it a hip or an onahole?

With more than 17cm length and almost 1200 grams the Hanjuku is a bit between a little hip and an onahole. It more towards an onahole, because she is too small for a hip.

This onahole does not have a strong vacuum, due to the looser material.
Hanjuku Half Mature Onahole

A nice detail on the outside is the fairly deep navel. If you turn around the Hanjuku during use, you do not only see the curves of her back, but there you grab her with your finger in her navel, which also feels nice. The anus is also visible with this Onahole, but she only has one tunnel.


You can easily clean the Hanjuku, due to the stretchiness of the inside you can easily put in 3 fingers in the onahole. Rinsing is thus very simple.

Is the Hanjuku something for you?

This is an Onahole that you just have to try, the softness, surrounded by a beautiful exterior is really enjoyable. Unless you want very much stimulation, then this Onahole will do very little for you.

This Onahole feels very nice, do you not like very tight, but do like a well-fitting and a bit milder Onahole.

For people that are shaped a bit bigger and thicker, this is an ideal Onahole.


Size: 140 x 110 x 170 mm (5.5 x 4.3 x 6.7 ")
Weight: 1,2 kg (2,6 lbs)

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