Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Onaholes in a Dankon?


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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Onaholes in a Dankon?

Tamatoys has an incredibly wide variety of products, some catering to specific fetishes and others referencing well known games or anime. The “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Onaholes in a Dankon?”, which I will call Dankon from now on, falls in the latter category. With a gradually tightening tunnel and a ribbon gimmick, this onahole feels great!

An onahole with character

The Dankon is based on Hestia, a goddess in the anime “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”. She has a stunning figure, with a small waist and large round breasts. Her costume was what first caught fans’ interest: She wears a thin blue ribbon under her breasts to support them. While this seems like it might not work - especially if you take the size of the breasts into consideration - we won’t complain. It looks great, and perhaps goddess boobs don’t need to obey laws like gravity!
The character on the packaging isn’t quite exactly Hestia from the anime, since this is not a licenced product, but the blue ribbon and large breasts still get the idea across.

The tunnel itself

This onahole has beautiful curves. The large breasts, small waist and round butt look great, and the pink material used around the vagina looks very inviting. The vagina itself Has beautiful tiny labia and a tight entrance.
The tunnel itself starts off fairly wide, with a series of rings wrapping around you as you push in. When you push further, the tunnel gets noticeably tighter and changes to a structure with small bumps, following the gentle curve of the tunnel. The tunnel goes deeper and gets tighter and tighter, switching the structure to rings again. At the very end the tunnel curves up, which means the rings here will stimulate the frenulum under the head of your cock a little more intensely. Of course turning the onahole around changes the sensation, and playing around with this can make the onahole a little more or less intense.

Gift-wrapped with a ribbon?

Of course the Dankon comes with the characteristic blue ribbon. The ribbon isn’t just visual, it also allows you to customize the tunnel a little more. If you tie it under her breasts this creates a unyielding “portal”, where you really have to push through to get beyond. This extra tightness intensifies the stimulation, and by tying it higher or lower you can get this extra feeling exactly where you want it.


The Dankon’s material Is soft and elastic, stretching easily to accommodate different sizes. When you first take it out of the plastic it might have a slight small, but this will fade after washing it a couple of times.
The Dankon has a single-layer design, which makes it more durable. The pink at the entrance might look like a different material, but this is not the case.


The Dankon by Tamatoys has a fairly straight tunnel, with not many curves and folds for the dirt to hide in, so cleaning is fairly straightforward. Thoroughly rinse the onahole under the tap, then squeeze out as much water as possible. Finally, dry the insides by inserting a soft absorbent cloth and letting it sit for a couple of minutes, absorbing the last drops of water. If the toy starts feeling a little rough or sticky simply dust it with some baby powder and it will feel as good as new.

In short

The “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Onaholes in a Dankon?” is a fun fan onahole by Tamatoys, and the slowly tightening tunnel feels great. Even if you’ve never heard of Hestia’s boob-ribbon before, this is an onahole to try!

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