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Description / Hole Maintenance Powder

Hole Maintenance Powder

Does the following sound good?

  1. Your onahole will last longer before becoming brittle and tearing
  2. The outside of your onahole will continue feeling soft and smooth
  3. Less hair and dust will stick to your onaholes

If the answer is “yes”, and we can’t imagine it isn’t, a hole powder might be a good investment for you. A little bit goes a long way, and it is very easy to use.

Onahole maintenance powder - how does it work?onahole maintenance powder

Maintenance powder is a finely milled powder that you use to coat the outside of soft sex toys, like onahole or paizuri toys. This thin, transparent coating serves several functiones.

The part that’s most immediately obvious is that it restores the soft outer layer. When sex toys are made in the factory they come out of the mould shiny and sticky. A layer of powder is applied to finish your onahole off, but with use and washing that layer can wear off, causing your toys to feel tacky or rough. Maintenance powder will restore that soft, just-out-of-box feel!

This outer layer also has the benefit of making less dust and dirt stick to it - an onahole with stings stuck to it just doesn’t look as appealing, and cleaning them properly will take much longer.

A third and less well-known property of maintenance powder is that it will prolong the life span of onahole and other soft sex toys for men. This is because the powder creates a protective barrier, keeping the oil inside the onahole from getting out - and you want to keep that oil in there, because it’s what keeps your onahole soft and stretchy.

Applying Hole Maintenance Powder

It’s simple: spread a thin layer over the entire outside surface. You can do this by sprinkling a little over the top and rubbing it in, or using a soft brush to spread it around. With this round jar you can even dip your product in, then tap off the excess!


Extra finely milled powder for sex toy maintenance
Anti-spill jar with screw-on lid

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Nice package, the cotton pad is very useful
Review by FVB
Good powder, lid is tight and safe, the fact that the pad is reversible and always powdered up is nice. Efficient and less loss compared to other format.
There's a decorative ribbon ornating the pads that won't hold the first time you use it but it's better to hold the pad without.
Do keep in mind that half of the box is taken by the pad, so the powder quantity is very small compared to other similar products.
Good and very useful overall
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