Honki Jiru 360 ml lubricant

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Magic Eyes 360 ml Honki Jiru Lubricant

We have received many inquiries about the lubricant that Magic Eyes packages with its products. 
So we at Motsutoys decided to import all three types of Magic Eyes lubricant to Europe.

If you like Magic Eyes - and who doesn't?! - you will love this lube!

Serious Lotion?

Honki Jiru literally translates as Serious Lotion.
It is a highly concentrated lube, yet it is the thinnest lubricant that Magic Eyes produces. It is concentrated, but thinner than Nature Lubricant, for example.

It is designed after the female vaginal fluids.
It does not dry quickly, and makes you last a long time. 

Honki Jiru 360 ml Product Details:

- 360 ml bottle
- Lower viscosity
- Very smooth
- Odourless
- Transparent

- Packaging: 65 x 200 mm
- Gross weight: 405 gram  

If you are looking for a somewhat thinner lube Honki Jiru 360 ml is an excellent choice.

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BrandMagic Eyes

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