HotPowers Crown Prince Juice Soft 300ml


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Crown Prince Juice

If you want to get the most out of your onahole, don’t underestimate how much the lube matters! The right lube can make your experience so much better.

Not too thick, not too thin: just right!

One of the most important aspects of lubricants is the viscosity. A concentrated “thick” lubricant feels great and won’t leak out easily, but might also cover some of the finer details of the onahole, making the experience less intense. A thinner lubricant makes more of a mess, dries more quickly, but allows you to feel every last detail. Crown Prince Juice is a medium thickness lubricant which will be great for most people!

Use it however you want

Crown Prince Juice is a water-based lubricant. This means you can use it pretty much however you want: it won’t damage your onahole, it won’t ruin condoms, and it’s also safe for vaginal, anal and oral use. The lubricant doesn’t have a smell or taste, so if you are sensitive to those this lube is a great choice.

Convenient use

The bottle has a nozzle, which makes it easy to pour and get it exactly where you want it. The 300 ml bottle will last you quite a while, as you don’t need much of this excellent lube.


Type: water-based lubricant
Amount: 300 ml

Additional Information

  1. Slippery than thicky, runs fast into your hole Review by Unius

    Its awesome to get your heater inside but not for longer sessions. You can feel more of the texture however it will run out of the hole if you tilt it. So KYO is superior if you want it to kinda like stick to the onahole. So you will have to reduce the amount you use to put it into the hole so it won't be really slippery as you would like but if you want and like it rough this is the one for you. (Posted on 9/15/2019)

  2. Smells nice, but a little too runny. Review by noname

    The smell was nice, but not too strong. It's thickness was on the runny side compared to the KYŌ, so it was a little messy with my open ended onahole, maybe it's not a problem with a closed one? (Posted on 2/22/2019)

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