IGNITION Gun Metal 80mm 10 Speed (chargeable)


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IGNITION Gun Metal 80mm 10 Speed (chargeable)

The Ignition is the new chargeable bullet vibrator from Rocks-off. We sell the prostate toys from Rocks off, the Naughty Boy, the Rude Boy and Cheeky since 2008. The 7 speed bullet came in 2016 on the market and now there is the Ignition.

The Ignition is a chargeable bullet with a whopping 10 modes (10 speed). The first Rocks-off bullet that is chargeable. A good reason for the Rocks-off to bring out a new line of their existing toys.

Don’t pay too much unnecessarily

The Boys line with the Naughty Boy 7 speed among the other, will become the Naughty Boy Intense (and that goes for all the other boys, like the Rude-boy etc.). New name, new packaging and new bullet, but above all a new price!

That is the reason that we keep selling the cheaper 7-speed series.  And offer the chargeable 10 speed Ignition separately. If you already have a prostate stimulator from Rocks off this chargeable 10 speed is a beautiful upgrade.

The bullets from Rocks off, so the Ignition also, are always water proof and have a strong vibration. Hence this line stayed almost unchanged for so long. The vibrator is powerful especially given the size. The 80mm bullet is like the name suggests 8cm long, small but strong.

10 speed Ignition

Do you want to upgrade your Rocks off toy, then the 10 speed chargeable Ignition is the best choice. The Ignition delivers a big scale of patterns, from waving vibrations to pulse patterns. You can easily connect the bullet to a USB connection and charge.

The end tapers off, so you can direct the vibrations very specifically on for example a clitoris or nipple. The surface of the bullet is smooth so she can easily slide in the prostate toys.

Of course you can put the Ignition in anal tunnels of onaholes, to feel the vibrations in the vagina of the onahole.

Or in the butt of a Real doll while you take care of her vagina with your penis. As a glans vibrator (a separate cock ring which keeps the bullet under your glans can also be a nice change).

There are tons of other possibilities to think of where you can use this little but powerful vibrator for.

Features 10 speed Ignition:

10 powerful modes

100% waterproof
USB chargeable
Useable up to 60 minutes with fully charged battery
Replaces the vibrating bullet in lots of Rocks-off sex toys

After charging, you hold the on/off button for 5 seconds, to turn on the bullet.

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