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Ikappara Girl - 2.7 kilograms!

Regular onaholes are great, but nothing beats the feeling a full hip can bring: not only is the shape much more pleasing to look at, the weight also adds some realism. Want to know what else makes the Ikappara Girl hip so good? Read on!

Irresistible shape

The ikappara Girl, sometimes called “Sushi Cheerful Girl” is a beautifully shaped hip, with just the right amount of detail. She has a smooth belly, with a narrow waist and slightly wider hips. The small ass is nice and round, and the legs end just below the crotch, which makes it easy to reach both entrances. The outer labia spread apart slightly to show the small labia and entrance. The hip is large enough to wear underwear, though you’ll need a small size.

Two delicious tunnels

One of the main advantages to a hip masturbator is that there is room for two full-sized tunnels with thick walls. The thick walls make it feel more realistic, as the material pushes back against you.
The vaginal tunnel is slightly wider and longer than the anal tunnel, and is designed to feel lifelike. It starts off with a slightly wider area to make entering easier, and then wraps around you with a texture of evenly spaced round nubs. This soon transforms into a wavy tunnel which curves slightly in different directions and is lined with flexible ridges caressing you from every side. At one point the tunnel widens and tightens again, making it seem like you’ve reached the end. But push through and you’ll reach the final chamber, lined with more soft ridges. At the very end there’s a small nub, meant to feel like the entrance to the uterus, which feels great when it slides over the top of your cock.
The anal tunnel starts off with a tight but flexible entrance which wraps around you and forms a tight seal. The rest of the tunnel widens and narrows repeatedly, creating several tighter “gates” which feel great to slide through. The sides are lined with wavy ridges
Having two different tunnels with different levels of stimulation allows you to swap between the two, and using the milder anal tunnel every time the more stimulating vaginal tunnel has driven you to the edge will allow you to continue for much longer.

Premium material

Toy’s Heart is famous for their good materials, and Ikappara Girl is no exception. The material is smooth, durable, and gives exactly the right amount of stimulation. On top of that it has a very mild, pleasantly sweet smell and is not oily like some other TPE blends can be.


Cleaning hips can be a bit of a hassle due to the size, but luckily the Ikappara Girl’s tunnels are fairly straightforward, without hard-to-reach crevices or deep structures. Rinse the tunnels out thoroughly, then carefully insert a piece of absorbent cloth to absorb the last bits of moisture. It’s easiest to push this inside using the back of a pencil. When the onahole is dry you can apply some maintenance powder to the outside to keep it soft and dust-free.

Loli artwork

The adorable artwork on the box features a young-looking girl, and for some countries this may be a problem. We ship from a warehouse in the Netherlands so if you are in the EU as well your order won’t have to pass customs inspection. If you are in the UK, US, Iceland or Turkey the artwork could be a problem, however.


Height: 16.5 cm
Width: 22 cm
Depth: 13.5 cm
Weight: 2.8 kg
Vaginal tunnel length: 12.5 cm
Anal tunnel length: 14 cm
Material: TPE
Made by Toy’s Heart in China

Additional Information

  1. Quite heavy for the subject matter. Still good! Review by Machine

    It's a shame the company stopped making it, because I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to get a hip. Only gripe i have about it is that the thighs restrict hilting all the way so even if you're about the size of it's depth you won't be able to go as deep as you like. Product's a bit rubbery in smell when you first get it, but not much lube is needed to enjoy it. Cleanup is easy but hard to dry it, so be very careful and it'll treat you well!

    Also butthole has the Tong Ggo design, so the anal part is more stimulating than the vagina. (Posted on 6/1/2019)

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