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This package includes the Itone Airu Love doll (click for details) and the Itone Airu Onahole (click for details) at a competitive price!

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  1. Good size and position, Seems durable Review by Taiga

    The doll itself seems durable and is a very decent size, it's posture is perfect for many different positions and really makes for a great doll. The Onahole is very tight and the internal texture feels great (The doll can also make the hole feel tighter due to the extra pressure). I was slightly considered about the length as it's a very small toy and even most larger toys are small for me. However, I never really found that when the toy to be "small" when inserted into the doll, I'd imaging it's because their is enough room for the toy to stretch meaning guys like myself don't have any problems!

    I would recommend picking up a pump to go with it, the doll itself is quite large and takes a reasonable amount of time to blow up. (It also stops you from blowing residue into it!)

    My only problem I found with this the doll is that the hole is very small, this makes inserting the toy quite difficult. (I recommend leaving the doll ever so slightly deflated in order to leave a little leeway for the toy to be inserted. Also make sure that the toy is not sticky, coat it with some toy power or your preferred coating.) (Posted on 1/10/2019)

  2. Great bundle for everyone. Review by Jakub

    This bundle is really great, onahole feels really nice and it is easy to clean. Great bundle ! (Posted on 6/27/2018)

  3. great price Review by Rod76

    Good bundel, good price.
    The Itone Onahole is a little hard, but feels ok.
    For a onahole and a doll, a very good offer. (Posted on 3/8/2016)

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