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Ju-C 5 Super Soft

Are you looking for something that’s soft and gently but not boring? G-project brought out another excellent onahole in the Ju-C series, and this is the softest one yet!

Juicy material

When an onahole has a double-layered design, it is often a skin-like soft outer layer with a more firm, stimulating inside. The Ju-C 5 has a soft, skin-like outer layer…. And an even softer interior! The material stretches and bounces easily, and when you feel it you’ll definitely be reminded of grabbing a soft, curvy woman.

The Ju-C 5 is among the very softests of onaholes on the market, which is great if you are very sensitive or want to last longer before reaching your climax.

Simple exterior

The Ju-C 5’s exterior is smooth and stylish. The large, rounded cylinder with a thick ring around one side is easy to grab and doesn’t have any dainty folds or creases which can get damaged or trap dirt. Weighing in at around 330 grams this is an onahole that’s easily light enough to use one-handed for a long time, but also big enough that you won’t tear through the side or feel your own fingers. There’s an indent around the entrance which makes it very easy to slide inside.

Exciting tunnel

With material this soft and gentle you might expect a smooth tunnel, but this is not the case. The Ju-C 5 has a great tunnel design with several well-defined textures. Because the material is so soft they opted for larger bumps and ridges, to avoid ending up with a tunnel which feels like nothing at all.

When you slide inside this onahole the entrance will make a gentle seal around you, keeping lube from leaking out. What follows is a series of horizontal ribs which function like gates and will rub over you with every thrust. The tunnel keeps tightening around you, and the next part is lined with medium-sized round nubs. At the narrowest part these nubs turn into a spiral, guiding you further inside. Finally, the tunnel opens up into the end chamber. This wider area is filled with several large round nubs to rub the head of your cock. Usually nubs of this type can be quite harsh, but thanks to the ultrasoft material these aren’t overwhelming.


Lot of control

Because the material is very stretchy it will stretch to the perfect size to accommodate you. You can use external pressure from your hands to squeeze the Ju-C 5 and increase the stimulation in a specific area. You can also twist and stretch the onahole to experience different kinds of enjoyment.


Because this onahole doesn’t have any really deep crevices it’s fairly easy to clean. Rinse it out under the tap with cold or lukewarm water until everything has been flushed out. Then, dry it well. You can do this by inserting a clean absorbent cloth or drying stick. Repeat this until the inside it completely dry. If you want to keep the onahole in optimal condition dust the outside with maintenance powder. This will restore the skin-like softness of the outer layer and keep dirt from sticking to the Ju-C 5. Store the onahole in the free ziplock pouch to keep it safe!


Total length: 16 cm
Total width: 5.5 cm
Total weight: 330 grams
Includes free lube sample
Includes free storage bag

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