Ju-C 6 Triple Rod Onahole


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05 Oct 2020 - 07 Oct 2020

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Ju-C 6 Triple Rod

G-Projects Ju-C series is consistently popular thanks to their out-of-the-box ideas and after the Ju-C 4U with its inner chamber and the Ju-C 3 Rings the new Ju-C 6 has something we haven’t seen before: three “control rods” embedded in the transparent material around the tunnel. Does that sound intriguing? Read on!

Juicy Goddess

The girl on the Ju-C 6’s box leaves little to the imagination: clad in a small amount of gauzy white fabric, thigh-high stockings and some gold jewelry, all her juicy curves are put on display. Is she a goddess, a muse, a demon in disguise or a human girl in a Halloween costume? Maybe you’ll be able to answer that question once you know her a little more intimately…

Triple Threat Tunnel

Let’s start by exploring the tunnel itself. Made out of G-Project’s special momochi material (sometimes called “crystal” material) you can watch yourself slide into this onahole and see it stretch to accommodate you.

The tunnel starts with a “double entrance”: after pushing through the tight hole, the tunnel widens, then narrows down, then widens again. Since this structure is at the very entrance it’ll be at the base of your shaft for most of the time, but sliding into it feels good, and it helps keep the lube from dripping out.

What follows is a long ridged tunnel with many small bumps pressing against you. It then widens into a double end chamber, the first with several large folds enveloping you and the second where gentle nubs massage the top of your dick. These chambers act as vacuum chambers, creating a sucking vacuum to milk you dry.

But wait, there’s more! Alongside that long straight corridor are three different stimulation rods which allow you to take full control of your experience. The pink, blue and yellow parts are a little harder than the surrounding material, and by squeezing the Ju-C 6 you intensify the experience. Push one towards the middle, or all three at once - it’s up to you! Pink is the softest of the three, blue is medium and yellow is the hardest. Turn the Ju-C 6 different ways to make sure everything hits you in exactly the right spot.

Ju-C 6 Triple Threat Properties

Length: 15.3 cms
Tunnel Length: 14 cms
Width: 6.5 cms
Weight: 290 grams

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