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Description / Ju-C Petite 2

Ju-C Petite 2

You have to enjoy the small things in life! This blue onahole by G-Project may not look like much, but thanks to the great material it delivers some premium stimulation.


Like the other toys in the Ju-C (Juicy) series, this one also comes in plastic packaging rather than cardboard. This looks modern and sleek, and also means you won’t get any oily stains on your packaging if you want to keep using it for storage.
The girl on the box looks happy and confident, her long blue pigtails streaming down. She’s wearing a sailor-style uniform and showing a couple of inches of skin between her skirt and her stockings. Are you going to let her take charge, or will you stay in control?

Momochi Material

G-Project’s newer toys really excell when it comes to material. The special “momochi” material is easily firm enough to keep its shape, but also stretchy enough to accommodate different lengths and girths. The material has a very mild, barely noticeable sweet smell and isn’t oily or sticky. Whether blue gets you going is a very personal thing, of course, but it definitely makes the Ju-C Petite 2 stand out!
The onahole is about 13 centimeters long, with the tunnel running nearly the entire length. It is a slim design, but thanks to the momochi material it doesn’t easily flop over or collapse.

Ridges and bumps

This onahole has several rather distinct areas. It starts with the familiar “easy entry” opening and ring to seal the entrance. Directly after this you’ll have to push your way past several well-defined ridges. Slowly feeling these slide past you one by one makes for a great start!
The next part of the tunnel is a little milder: lined with subtle ridges and bumps, you can turn the onahole several ways to get it to stimulate whichever spots you prefer.
The structure seems to repeat itself: another set of ridges, followed by a more mildly textured tunnel. However, the mildje textured part here is noticeably tighter, keeping a firm grip on you.
The last part of the tunnel has another series of stimulating ridges.


Vacuum chamber

Smaller toys don’t usually produce a noticeable vacuum, but the Ju-C Petite does! Lube up well, squeeze the air out of the tunnel and slide in. When you slide out, air won’t be able to enter the onahole, but the momochi material will still try to pop back into its original shape. This makes it suck you back in, time and time again!


Small and flexible, the Ju-C petite series is among the easiest onaholes to clean. Rinse it out well, let it drip dry briefly, then push in a clean absorbent cloth to catch those last drops of moisture. The momochi material dries very quickly and doesn’t need much care. If you feel that after a couple of washes the outside becomes a little rough or tacky, apply a layer of maintenance powder to restore its original softness.


Box size: 17.5 x 6 x 6
Onahole length: 13 cms
Onahole width: 4 cms
Onahole weight: 140 grams
Material: Momochi TPE
Includes free lube sample
Made by G-Project

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Customer Reviews

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Great for beginners
Review by Chuck Norris
Much like the Ju-C Petite 1, but a bit less intensive. It's still nice and provides a different sensation from its counterpart.
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Great for beginners
Review by Chuck Norris
Beautiful packaging, good suction effect and it does accommodate to western sizes without much effort. I like its simple design, you could almost mistake it for a sports exercise item.
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 140.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 120.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer

International Reviews

Best one especially if it's your first one
Review by Solofo
You can't do a wrong choice chosing this one. It feels really good. Not too big, not too short, not expensive, really easy to clean (you can't neglected this part)
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haltbar, angenehme milde Stimulation, aber teilweise etwas laut
Review by Lewd Art
Für den Preis bietet die Ju-c Petite 2 ein sehr haltbares und enorm erfrischendes Onahole, welches eine milde aber angenehme Stimulation bietet, perfekt für längere und gemütlichere Nutzung.. Es spielt dabei kaum eine Rolle, wie groß man ist, denn das Material scheint mir enorm haltbar und wahnsinnig dehnbar. Ich wüsste nichtmal wo hier irgendetwas kaputtgehen sollte, da müsste man sich schon aktiv anstrengen. Man kann bei der Ju-C Petite Serie bei der Qualität und den Preisen kaum was falschmachen, allerdings sollte man sich vorher genau überlegen, welche Stimulation mit welchem Tunnel einem lieber ist:in der Praxis, die der Ju-C Petite 1, 2 oder 3. Das kann man zwar abschätzen anhand der Bilder, aber Theorie ist hier anders als Praxis und man kann die eigene Präferenz nur selber austesten,
Einziger möglicher Nachteil der Ju-C Petite 2: Das Onahole ist zum Teil etwas laut. Falls man Mitbewohner im Haus hat, ist das mit der unmeberkten Nutzung etwas schwieriger.
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Very good
Review by nicolas
Easily one of the best onahole I've ever tried (and trust me, I've tried a lot...).
Simple, good texture and very easy to clean and store.
Plus it's cheap.
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