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Description / JULIA! Fella-man two way hole

JULIA! Fella-man: fuck Japan's most popular porn star two ways!

The Julia Fella-man, sometimes translated as feraman, is a double-sided onahole which lets you enjoy JULIA’s tight pussy as well as her godly fellatio skills.

JULIA: A gorgeous AV star

If you’re already familiar with Julia, you can skip this section - if she’s new to you… You’re in for a treat! This stunning Japanese AV star (Adult Video star) has everything going for her: a beautiful face, a huge sexual appetite, and of course an incredible body with huge breasts. Few Japanese women can boast of having a K-cup! Be sure to look up a couple of her videos, it isn’t hard to understand why she’s caught so many people’s attention.Julia felaman oral onahole

Some time ago, EXE worked together with Julia to create the Julia+, and this mini body sex toy became very popular. Now, they’re expanding on the series! With this renewed cooperation, they’re including Julia’s famed oral sex skills. With a length of 17.5 cms, this sex toy for men will accommodate most men. Even if you’re longer than that, you can still go balls-deep, but you’ll pop out at the other side a little.

Realistic Blowjob Sex Toy

So let’s start with that mouth! One side of the Fella-Man features Julia’s mouth and the lower part of her nose. The rather full lips look amazing, and softly gliding them over the top of your cock is a good way to get a little foreplay. You can even pull out her tongue a little!

The mouth is fairly realistic: A soft tongue on the underside, and subtle ridges on the top. Push deeper, past the uvula into her through and you’ll feel the toy tighten around you, teasing you with several different textures and bumps. Try turning it upside down for a different kind of stimulation! The tunnel tightens and widens around you, hitting all the right spots.

As you might have noticed, this oral sex toy doesn’t have any teeth. Wther you want your blowjob sex toy to have teeth is very personal, but we can say with a design like this you don’t really miss them.

JULIA’s beautiful (pocket) pussy

So what about the other side? Here, you’ll see Julia’s pussy in all its glory - not pixelated like some Japanese porn videos are. It is a very detailed design, including not just the delicately curled inner labia but also the clitoris and clitoral hood.

The labia guide you into the entrance of the tunnel, which is lined with large, massaging nubs. While this might not be what the inside of Julia’s pussy really looks like, it definitely feels good! The tunnel becomes tighter, then wider again, creating a pressure point which wraps around you tightly. Thrust deeper, and the tunnel becomes tighter once again, with a pleasure bump at the top.

A through-hole: easy to clean onahole

Pocket pussies where the tunnel runs all the way through the toy are also called “through-holes”. One big benefit of these is that they’re incredibly easy to clean: Simply stretch open one side slightly, and let cold or lukewarm water run through until everything is clean. If necessary, twist, turn and knead the onahole a little to loosen up the lube and fluids. Be sure to dry everything well afterwards!

JULIA! Fella-man in short

With this 2WAY hole, EXE has created two onaholes in one. Pick one side, pick the other, switch between the two - it’s all possible. Both sides give distinctly different kinds of stimulation, which is great if you want to switch things up but don’t want to have to clean multiple onaholes.

JULIA! Fella-man Specs

Weight: 480gr
Length: 17,5cm
Width: 12cm
Tunnel length: 17,5cm
Made by: EXE

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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 480.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Porn
Tunnel length 175.00 mm
Open/Closed Open
Number of layers 2 layers
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