KUU Inflatable Love Doll

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KUU Inflatable Love Doll

There are lots of ways to add realism to your onahole: colour, shape, internal texture, the right lube, heaters, perfumes… But one of the biggest upgrades you can make to a small onahole is the size! This inflatable doll by G-Project offers you a full-body experience at a very low price!

Size matters

The KUU love doll has the size of a real - if slightly short- woman. Standing up, she would measure about 150 cms. With a bust of 72 cms, a waist of 60 cms and a 82 cm hip circumference she has a subtly curvy body, realistic shapes with a small bust: close to the Japanese idea of perfection. G-Project has excellent attention to detail, and this inflatable even has nipples and a well-rounded ass!

But there’s another way in which size matters: unlike a stuffed doll or one out of solid TPE, this one can be deflated and folded, which turns it into a small, flat parcel. This makes it very easy to store between uses.

Daizyuki Hold

The KUU Inflatable love doll will wrap around you with both arms and legs, holding you close. This makes her very well-suited for sex standing up, but you can also let her sit on top of you in bed or fuck her doggy-style.

Look at the art on the box and you’ll be able to imagine what it’s like. Her soft arms wrapping around you, you can even have some hands-free fun!

What does it feel like?kuu

That depends entirely on you! The KUU doll has an opening on the bottom which will fit most standard onaholes. It is easiest to put an onahole inside when the doll is half-inflated, and then inflate it further. The walls of the vagine will grow firm as you inflate the doll and they will hold the onahole in place securely. You can use some talcum powder or lubricant to slip the onahole inside, but this also means it may move around more later.

The doll is made entirely out of body-safe PVC, which is easy to clean and will last a long time.


After use, remove the onahole, deflating the doll a little if necessary. You can clean the KUU inflatable love doll with some lukewarm water and soap, washing away the lube and wiping down the skin where necessary. Ideally, you let the doll dry before folding and storing her, as the material may stick together a bit if you fold it when wet.

In short

The KUU Inflatable Love Doll is a great and affordable way to turn your hand-held onahole into something the size of a full body. Easy to store, easy to clean and versatile, this inflatable will bring your experience to the next level!


Folded size: 17.5 x 20 x 8 cm
Doll height, sitting: 80 cm
Doll height, full body length: 150 cm
Breast circumference: 72 cm
Waist size: 60 cm
Heupen: 82 cm
Cup size: A/B
Weight: 408 grams

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