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Description / KYO Bound Kohai - Oral Masturbator

KYO Bound Kohai

The KYO Bound Kohai is everything an oral masturbator should be: it’s beautifully shaped, highly stimulating and gives some great suction! This tight mouth is one toy you shouldn’t pass on if you like to get head…

Dual layer design for unique tight experience

Dual-layered toys have been on the market for a while, but the Bound Kohai is quite a bit different from most.

The “Bound” in the name refers to the way the tight, sturdy outer layer constricts the softer material inside, squeezing it and keeping it nice and tight. Because of this white layer the Kohai really pushes back against you when you slide inside, delivering a tightness that’s usually only possible with larger toys or ones with a hard plastic “cup” on the outside. The outer layer has also been developed especially to be resistant to dust and hair.

The inner layer has an attractive pink color and is made to feel like skin of flesh. It is quite a lot softer than the outside, but thanks to the “bound” technique it still delivers plenty of stimulation.

By combining these two materials the KYO Bound Kohai gives a kind of stimulation that’s hard to compare to other toys.

Realistic blow job with deep throatKYO Bound Kohai doorsnede

A blowjob starts with the lips, and the Kohai’s mouth is beautifully shaped! Her plump lips are slightly parted and open even wider if you gently squeeze the sides of the onahole. To get yourself warmed up you can apply some lube and slide the lips over and around the top of your penis - the touch of the Kohai’s soft lips is bound to get you hard quickly!

When you push inside, the real fun starts. The Bound Kohai does have teeth, but you don’t need to fear her bite: the teeth are made of a material that’s only a little harder than the rest of the onahole. They add to the realism, but don’t scratch or poke.

The inside of the Kohai’s mouth is shaped like a real woman’s: a flexible, supple tong to tease your gland, and a gently ridged structure on the top of her mouth. Push even deeper and you will feel it narrow as the white outer layer starts: it feels like you are actually pushing into her tight throat, with the small uvula sliding past you, followed by ridged pleasure bumps to simulate throat muscles. The organically shaped ridges and folds wrap around you ar you push into her tight throat, tightening and widening slightly as you go deeper and deeper.

Make the Kohai Suck with a touch of your finger

The Kohai is already an excellent toy, but for an even more intense and realistic experience you can make her really suck your dick. To do this, simply slide all the way in, then cover the small hole at the back of the Kohai with your finger. When you pull back there will be no way for air to enter, so a slight vacuum forms and the Kohai’s mouth will clamp itself around you as she sucks you back in.

Bound to enjoy this onahole

Thanks to the beautiful shape, excellent combination of materials and well-designed tunnel, the KYO Bound Kohai will keep you coming back for more every time. If you like oral sex, this is the toy for you!

KYO Bound Kohai properties

Weight: 4 grams
Material: TPE (double layer)
Length: 15 cm
Widest point: 8cm
Narrowest point: 6cm
Tunnel length: 14.5 cm
Tunnel width: 0.5-1.5cm (but will stretch much bigger)
Brand: KYO

Note: rope not included! 

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Customer Reviews

4.6/5 Based on 7 reviews
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    43% (3)
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    43% (3)
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The mouth of more truths.
Review by DankmemerxD
This onahole is very similar to "The mouth of truth" without the annoying teeth scraping, but it's slightly smaller in the tunnel.

I don't have much to say about it, other than it's great the value but not groundbreaking. 4/5 stars.
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The mouth of truth alternative
Review by DankmemerxD
This onahole is very similar to "the mouth of truth" by Magic Eyes, but sturdier, more duable with a slightly smaller tunnel.

It holds lube very well and the teeth don't scrape your member like other oral onaholes.

There's nothing much to say other than it's great value for the money, but not the most unique onahole. 4/5 stars.
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Easthetically pleasing but disappointing
Review by Pepperoni
To start with the positives, toy looks great. It's very detailed and materials are good quality. It's tight, and stimulation is pretty intense.
The main selling point, hard outside shell is a double edged sword. It provides nice tight feeling, but it does not stretch much. Added to a rather short tunnel it means you won't get all the way in if you're any bigger. I'm also not a big fan of the teeth. While they look good, sensation is rather unpleasant, and there's no simple way of removing them. Additionally it's an open toy, so it can be rather loud, and lube leaks out of the back.
Personally i would only recommend for smaller members and big fellatio enthusiasts, but even with that i'm sure tgere are better bj toys
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A little rough but so nice
Review by Kevin
After a first impression of something too hard for me, i finally got in and it was so nice. Very good sensation and feeling.
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Great product!
Review by David
I would have given this 5 stars but for the hole at the end which can leak when you initially lube up. Apart from that it’s great, and whilst I generally prefer a softer BJ simulation, this is still a top quality product which is still as good as new. And I’ve had it for around a year now!
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WOW just WOW
Review by Greg
Review helpful?
Review by Jack
More realistic & less intense than its primary competitor, the Mouth of Truth. It is a little smaller than it looks in the pictures, but thanks to the material softness, it is not overwhelmingly tight. The teeth are not too hard - they just add a gentle tickle and some tightness at the entrance (this may mean it's not a good choice for those who like to go fast and rough, but for slower sessions, this is absolutely an enhancement).

The mouth, teeth and tongue feel a little delicate - I will be cleaning and drying it very carefully, to avoid damage.

The price is unreasonably good for this quality (although, at time of writing, it is on sale at 30 EUR instead of 60).

This is certainly one of my favourite onahole purchases of all time. If it came in a slightly larger size, it would be an absolutely uncontested winner as the best blowjob onahole for me - in its present state, it is a pretty close comparison, and may be up to personal preference. Highly recommended.
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 410.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 145.00 mm
Open/Closed Open
Number of layers 2 layers

International Reviews

Lekker strak
Review by Iemand
Zoals in de beschrijving staat is deze toy strak. Ik vind het persoonlijk niet te strak en na een paar keer gebruiken wordt het steeds losser. De harde tanden vindt ik persoonlijk fijn en brengt wat fijne stimulatie als je met je glans erlangs gaat. Dit is zeker een aanrader
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Review by Nicou
Sensation bluffante, ont ressent chaque détail anatomique. Attention ne mettez aucun élastique, contrairement au autre que je possède ça matière peut ce découper avec un élastique. Donc mauvaise idée mais il est déjà parfait. C’est le meilleur que je connaisse.
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Review by Nico
Ok let me be clear, this is god tier product we've got here. Probably the best BJ simulator currently available on earth. Seriously, this is truly amazing, and you can feel and see the quality of the product on every aspects, that's not some cheap sextoy made by lazy companies just willing to grab your cash. We're dealing with the best Japan can produce for lonely guys. Every little details have been perfected, from the textures to the aspect, cleaning and storage. The big pluses are the hole at the back of the toy, allowing you get some insane suction effect on demand, and the teeth "hard but not too much" for extra realism. Just be sure to not forget to buy some drying sticks with it so you can keep it in good conditions for a long time, and ease the cleaning process. Almost art.
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