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Description / KYO Bound Kukuru - Tight Pussy

KYO Bound Kukuru

You might think you’ve experienced virginal onaholes before, but think again! The KYO Bound Kukuru has a unique construction which makes it feel like this masturbator’s muscles are squeezing down. Add the excellent vacuum control to that and you’ll understand why we love this pussy onahole so much…

Two-layer construction for unique stimulation

The Bound Kukuru is far from the first onahole to feature a dual-layer design, but this design is significantly different than that of other masturbators.

The “bound” in the Kukuru’s name refers to how the white outer layer constricts the inside, similar to how a tightly tied rope would. This thick layer of resilient, tough material acts like a muscle layer, keeping the Kukuru tight with every thrust.

Of course, if the entire onahole was made out of this fairly unyielding material it would be unbearably stimulating and intense, so the inside layer is much gentler. This skin-colored material is stretchy and squishy, much softer than the outside but still stimulating.

Tight virginal tunnel

The kukuru will take you for a wild ride - be sure to apply plenty of lube!

Push your way in past the cute labia, and feel the start of the tunnel wrap itself tightly around you. Here, the white layer doesn’t come into play yet, so it is tight enough to keep the lube from spilling out but not particularly constricting.KYO Bound Doorsnede

Directly after this tight entrance, you’ll feel the Kukuru tighten around you as you push into the area that’s covered in the tight white coating. Right away you’ll feel the first of four distinct pleasure zones: several large ridges glide give some nice stimulation. The second zone consists of two parts: one side is covered in small suction cups, and the other side has the G-spot, a large pleasure bump on it. By turning the Bound Kukuru the right way around you can make this bump rub against all your most sensitive spots. What follows is the spectacular third pleasure zone where organically shaped, flowing ridges slide past you on every side. At the very end the Bound Kukuru tightens to a smooth but tight tunnel which wraps perfectly around the head of your penis, squeezing it lightly.

Vacuum control with the touch of a finger

The small hole at the back of the Kukuri isn’t a secret extra entrance: it’s the key to taking control of your experience. If you leave it uncovered you will slide in and out with only the resistance of the tight onahole itself. But if you slide in, cover the hole and then try to pull back you’ll feel the suction of the vacuum, which makes the onahole clamp down on you even harder.

Ramp up the intensity by using the vacuum until you’re on the edge of orgasm, then release the vacuum for a couple of minutes before closing the hole off again. How long can you last?

Bound to enjoy this onahole…

If you enjoy tight onaholes and want to try one with a completely different construction, the KYO Bound Kukuru is a must-have! With its four pleasure zones and beautiful design, this onahole is bound to become your new favourite.

Properties of the KYO Bound Kukuru

Weight: 410 grams
Material: TPE (double layer)
Length: 15 cm
Widest point: 8cm
Narrowest point: 6cm
Tunnel length: 14.5 cm
Tunnel width: 0.5-1.2cm (but will stretch much bigger)
Brand: KYO

Note: rope not included!

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Customer Reviews

4.4/5 Based on 4 reviews
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Death by Snu Snu
Review by Dankmemer
The title says it all.

This is probably the tighest onahole i've ever encountered. It grips you like king kong on steroids, but that's not even a bad thing. Although it's a very niche pick for me, and it scrapes your mushroom head if you don't lube it enough. This is a very nice onahole, when i do use it.

4/5 stars, just don't go goblin mode when you use it.
Review helpful?
Review by Mehdi
Second one, pretty good when your wife is occuped, u can enjoy easely
Review helpful?
Chafing tight
Review by Vinnian
It is too tight and small for me. With plenty of lube I still ended up chafing my pp.
I don't think I'll be using it often or at all
Review helpful?
Rough and dense
Review by Nikita
A really premium(?) like onahole. A small entrance leads to a tight corridor of little to medium levels of stimulation. It even feels like it can be too tight to be enjoyable. The tightness is not a bad thing in the end since you can find yourself enjoying a bit rougher sessions.
Cleaning is easy and water does not easily get trapped inside the toy. I would not recommend this as a first onahole though.
Review helpful?

More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 410.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 145.00 mm
Open/Closed Open
Number of layers 2 layers

International Reviews

very good but...
Review by oto
The product is interesting but you need to use lubs.

Good material but I think it's a little fragile.
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