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Do you ever dream about having sex with the perfect women ? Not just once, but over and over again… ? With KYO Torso this dream is becoming reality!

Just look at the pictures… the KYO Torso shapes are inspired by the most beautiful women. Just imagine combining the best hips, ass, belly, tits and pussy all in one product.

KYO Torso - Life sized

And the best thing is that the KYO Torso is life sized. This means that touching her, cuddling with her and fucking her feels just like a real women!

Most life-sized mega masturbators are made from “stiff” material to hold the product in shape.

But not the KYO Torso… when you touch her, she will feel soft like a real women! Thanks to the international bone structure that holds the product in shape.

Internal Bone structure

On the cut-through below you see a part of the bone-structure. But it’s not just the spine… the bone-structure runs from the shoulders down to the hips!

Kyo Torso cut-through

Besides keeping the product in shape, the internal bone structure adds realism ass wel. When you grab the product and squeeze it, you can feel it. Wether you grab her hips, waist or back.. underneath the soft skin you will feel the bone structure.

And it’s not just great for grabbing the product… thanks to it’s strong structure you can easily lay on top of her and feel her soft perky tits and great body touching you!

Inside the KYO Torso:

In between the hips you will find her beautifully shaped pussy. The open lips design let’s you apply lube and enter her without squeezing. Once you’re inside you will feel the amazing shaped tunnel.

KYO Torso tunnels

The inside of the vaginal tunnel is made from a different more stimulating material. The tunnel has an organic structure for a realistic feeling. The vaginal tunnel has a bend and ends in a vacuum chamber. The Vacuum chamber allow for a (light) sucking sensation during penetration.

The Anal tunnel feels realistic as well and contains a lot of stimulating bumps. There is a slight bend in the anal tunnel as well.

The bend in both tunnels makes fucking her from behind a different experience as from the front.

Using the KYO Torso:

In comparison to other products, you can use the KYO Torso in way more positions. Both the front and the back are beautifully shaped and made for maximum pleasure.

With 2 tunnels and the possibility for multiple positions… there’s a lot of pleasure to discover with the KYO Torso.

Thanks to the open design of the vagina and anus, cleaning is quite easy. Flush out the tunnels with some water and dry them with a cloth. Add some maintenance powder before storing the KYO Torso.

You can store the KYO Torso in the box which contains a specially designed plastic inner-lay that fits it perfectly.


KYO Torso Dimensions

The KYO Torso is 61 cm tall and 30cm wide and weighs 16,3 KG.

The Vaginal tunnel is 18 cm deep and the anal tunnel 16,5 cm.


The KYO Torso is a dream becoming reality. Not only the outside is exiting… every centimeter of the product is aimed at maximum pleasure.

Until now mega masturbators this size where super expensive and hard to use due to their lack of stability.

The KYO Torso is - thanks to the inner bone-structure - easy to use and more affordable as similar products. So treat yourself with this awesome product, before we run out of stock…

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