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Love Body Coco

Inflatable dolls come in all shapes and sizes, but the Coco by A-One is definitely one of the best we’ve seen!

Incredible curves

Much like the 3D-rendered mascot girl on the packaging, this love doll has curves in all the right places. A problem many inflatables have is that the curves are too harsh or not placed right, but Coco has a more realistic shape. She’s a nearly perfect hourglass, in fact:

Bust: 72 cm
Waist: 52 cm
Height: 73 cm

Love Body Coco is real-life sized, though on the small side for a real woman. This means she can wear underwear or other costumes!

Her pose is inviting, with her ass slightly back. Perfect for a “prone bone”, but also for missionary, standing up against a wall or sideways spooning. So, plenty of options!


  • The benefits of inflatable dolls are many:
  • Cheap way to “upgrade” your onahole
  • Versatile, can be used with different onaholes
  • Easy to clean
  • Very lightweight (400gr)
  • Easy to store

A different fuck each time

Because Coco’s hole allows you to place different onaholes inside you can do something different every time. Do you want it tight and stimulating? Or are you going to take it slow with a milder onahole? Whichever you prefer!

The opening has a diameter of 10 cms and a depth of 18 cms, which will fit many different onaholes.There is also a special Coco onahole, if you’d like the full experience. If you’re having a hard time placing the onahole you can apply a little talcum powder or even lube.

Extra accessories

face mask

A-One understands that everyone wants something different, and allows you to purchase several add-ons to upgrade Coco . Do you want a soft, non-transparent skin, a realistic face, or an apron made especially for her? A-One has got it.


Total weight: 400 grams
Transparent material
Masturbator not included
Made by A-One

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