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Description / Lusty Hot Spring

Lusty Hot Spring 

The traditional Japanese hot spring or onsen is traditionally split by gender; men in one area and the women in another. But there are those rare places where the genders can mix. Lusty Hot Spring makes you picture a girl who has just stepped out of the warm water, completely relaxed and happy with a towel wrapped nonchalantly around her generous curves. She doesn’t look like she minds running into you here…

Warm and inviting, just like a hot spring

The Lusty Hot Spring onahole has a very nice size and weight: around 15.5 cms long and with a weight of 355 grams it is small enough to use one-handed but still has plenty of thick walls to make it feel real and luxurious. The internal tunnel measures about 14 cms, which means it's long enough for the average man to penetrate fully without having to stretch the onahole. The shape is simple but effective: a cylinder that's a little thinner in the middle, with a peach-like entrance on the front. ToysHeart's material always hits that sweet spot: soft and flexible while still delivering plenty of stimulation.

If you want to enjoy the Lusty Hot Girl onahole fully we recommend using an onahole warmer. This heats the pocket pussy up to a realistic and intensely inviting temperature, turning it into a hot and wet pussy.

Lusty Hot Spring: The inside

ToysHeart knows that you don't always have to go for realistic if you want something to feel good. While a real pussy's shape feels good, an artificial vagina opens up so many more possibilities! And they have definitely excelled with the Lusty Hot Spring design: a series of thick ridges wind and snake their way to the back of the tunnel, each covered in small ridges which create extra friction and grab onto your member. The space between the whirling structures creates a surprising amount of vacuum, increasing or decreasing the intensity depending on how fast you go.

The result is an onahole which hands control to you: You can use a lot of lube and slide in slowly, like stepping into a hot spring, drawing out the pleasure. However, if you're looking for something a little more intense you can also up the speed and the stimulation will increase by a lot, bringing you to climax quickly. This also means that Lusty Hot Spring is perfect for edging.

Cleaning the Lusty Hot Spring

We don't recommend taking this onahole into an onsen with you to clean it. Instead, rinse it with a lot of water until all the fluids and lube are gone. Make sure to knead the onahole between your hands a little to get everything out from the deeper folds. Then, squeeze and shake as much water out as you can before using a quick drying stick or something else to dry the inside well.

Lusty Hot Spring Onahole specs

Length: 15.5cm
Tunnel length: 14cm
Width: 7cm
Weight: 355gr
Brand: Toysheart

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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 360.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 140.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer
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