Maintenance & starters kit of an ONAHO

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Maintenance & starters kit of an ONAHO (EN)

If you want to enjoy your onahole again and again, taking good care of it is a must! Whether you are just buying your first onahole or are already very experienced, this set by Toy’s Heart will help you keep your onahole in perfect condition.

Using and cleaning your onahole: 5 steps

Step 1: The onahole

Onaholes come in many shapes, sizes, textures and materials. Finding what you like can involve some trial and error, but Toy’s Heart has included a nice, uncomplicated onahole for you. It has a small entrance which is stretchy enough to accommodate most people and forms a tight seal around you, making sure the lube doesn’t leak out and make a mess. It also means this onahole forms a good vacuum if you squeeze out the air before you slide in and it will feel like it is sucking you in!

The onahole is light and compact and can easily be used with one hand. The walls are fairly thin, which means you can use your fingers to exert extra pressure where you like it. It is made out of Toy’s Heart’s great Fine Cross material, which feels like soft skin to the touch, but is very stretchable and durable as well.

Step 2: The lubricant

Lubing up your onahole is essential to enjoying it! This kit has a bottle of Toy’s Heart’s well-loved Moisty lube, a lubricant which is quite concentrated and doesn’t dry out quickly (pink label). You don’t need much of this at all! It has a very subtle, neutral smell which you only notice if you go out of your way to sniff it.

The bottle has a small nozzle which allows you to squirt the lube into any onahole’s entrance without making a mess.

Always used water-based lubricant with your onaholes to protect the material.

Step 3: Enjoy!

This step is probably fairly self-explanatory, but just in case you need some help, Toy’s Heart has included some indentations for your fingers on the onahole, in case you’ve forgotten how to hold things.

Step 4: Cleaning

Cleaning an onahole is generally pretty easy: simply rinse it out under the tap with plenty of water. As a last step you can rinse it out with water and a bit of cleaning liquid (blue label). The cleaning fluid will help get rid of any remaining lubricant.

Once it’s clean, be sure to dry it thoroughly, as moisture can cause mold. First squeeze as much water out as possible. Then push some of the absorbent cloth in this set inside and leave it there for a couple of minutes to absorb remaining moisture. Pushing it inside is usually easiest with a blunt stick, like the back of a pencil.

Some onaholes can be turned inside out to dry. This works best with smaller, single-layer onahole, but it can sometimes cause some damage. It is a good way to ensure it’s 100% dry, though!

As a final step in the cleaning process you can use Toy’s Heart Maintenance powder (green label). The powder will keep your onahole soft and smooth, and will also absorb any remaining bits of moisture.

Step 5: Storage

The set also contains a storage pouch which will keep your onahole safe and clean. It blocks out all light to avoid UV damage.

Pack contents:

Total length: 15 cm
Total width: 4.5 cm
Tunnel length: 13.3 cm
Material: Fine Cross TPE

20 ml high-quality Moisty lube (water based)
50 ml cleaning liquid
50 gr maintenance powder
3 sheets absorbent fabric (33x45 cm)
1 storage pouch (29x18 cm)

Additional Information

  1. Bit of a mixed bag, more suited to people wanting to try out alternative maintenance solutions. Review by Anon

    Hole: Rather tight and small hole, very strong suction, walls are much thicker around the entrance than anticipated. Will “force you out” by constricting. Despite the description, this is definitely too small for well-endowed people unless you really force yourself in. Texture on the inside is very smooth, good sensations depend entirely on suction. Material is robust and good. Overall, I would not recommend this hole to beginners as it paints a bad picture of what onas can be. Probably only worth it (for the price) of if you’re on the smaller side of things. A very odd fit for this set, I think.

    Lube: As with many ToysHeart onas, the set includes a 20-mℓ bottle of Moisty+ lube. A relatively thin, silky lube that allows you to really feel all textures of an ona – which I think makes it a bad fit for this hole, as it has next to no textures. Despite being thin, it’s got huge surface tension, so it will basically never make a mess. Good default lube, enough for maybe 4–10 applications depending on your preference.

    Maintenance Stuff:
    1: The pouch is non-breathable, which is a no-go for me. I prefer cloth toy bags that allow my toys to continue drying in storage. Also smaller than indicated, with usable dimensions of about 24×16 cm (which fits holes with diameters up to 7–8 cm at most).
    2: The absorbent cloth towels are a strange three-layer kind of deal, which I first thought was another layer of packaging and tore on one of the towels. Very absorbent and lint-free, which means they do their job very well, but definitely surprised me. Grew on me a lot after some testing – the two-sided structure means that you can wrap a moist hole in the cloth and the water won’t bleed through.
    3: The drying powder is the stars of this set. It is excellent at restoring soft toys to their original, velvety surface. I used to use corn starch, but this stuff sticks to the material much better. The powder will last quite some time, though the powder bottle is not ideal for dispensing the powder. Use a powder brush or fine-meshed strainer to apply to your hole.
    4: The cleaning liquid works well, but I wouldn’t consider it a huge step up from gentle hand soap. Rinse very thoroughly after using it!

    The name suggests this set is for two kinds of people: onahole “newcomers” and people who want a basic set of maintenance stuff. I think the set fits the second group much better, as the maintenance stuff (sans the pouch) presents some interesting alternatives to the usual household materials of corn starch/baby powder, hand soap and microfibre cloth. The set has gotten me to switch to “professional” drying powder for good. For newcomers, I’d recommend going with a budget hole and some lube (Onatsuyu for instance) instead of this set, as I feel the tight and simplistic hole does a disservice to the many wonderful ways in which onas can delight you. (Posted on 1/20/2020)

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